How to clean the furniture of your kitchen

The kitchen is one of the dirtiest places in the house. It is usual that when we make the food, the oil in the pan ends up splashing or that some food or liquid falls that end up staining the furniture. Therefore, we are going to go through a series of tips to clean the kitchen furniture effectively.

Oil, grease, leftovers … In the kitchen accumulates all kinds of dirt and it is important to keep it clean because it is the place where we spend much of the time and we must have good hygiene in the place where we handle and cook food. In addition, a clean kitchen will always give a good image to your house and it says a lot about you.

That the kitchen gets dirty is something natural, but what you should not do is ignore the cleaning by laziness or by thinking “if it is going to get dirty again, why should I clean it now?”. In the end, the dirt and stains accumulate and then are more difficult to remove. There are places where usually more dirt is concentrated and to which we must pay special attention, such as the hood and the countertop.

Do not forget the hood

It is advisable to thoroughly clean the hood periodically with specialized products to remove grease. If you do not have any at hand, you can also try with alcoholic beverages such as gin or vodka, which work very well to remove fat and disinfect.

The countertops in the kitchen are probably the part that we dedicate the most time to cleaning, because we always need to use them. Although they need a daily cleaning, it has the advantage that they do not require as much work as the hood, which is something more complicated to clean.

Clean the countertops daily

Cleaning countertops does not require a special product, simply with a little soap and water can be done. Remove everything you have on the countertop and pass a dry cloth first to remove rests of food or crumbs. Use this mixture of soap and water to clean in depth. Then it only remains to dry it correctly so that no trace remains. If you want a good smell afterwards, you can add a few drops of lemon juice at the end.

Pay atention to the cabinets

You must have special care with the cabinets, since with the cleaning the paint can be damaged or scratched. Therefore, you have to avoid using abrasive cleansers and scourers for these more delicate surfaces. In these cases, use a soft cloth slightly moistened with water. If you need a deeper cleaning, you can mix dishwasher liquid and hot water.

Cleaning the kitchen furniture requires constant work, but it is essential to do so to maintain the hygiene of this place. Some areas are more delicate, like painted furniture, and others that only need a damp cloth and soap, like the countertop. But never forget the bell, which is the place where all the grease in the kitchen hides and you do not usually pay much attention.

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