Do you want to make a little extra income by renting your apartment? Tips you should know

Renting an apartment during the summer is a good source of income, but before you do so, you must complete a series of procedures to comply with the law. Here we tell you, step by step, what you must do to have your home rented with everything in order.

If you have an apartment on the beach and you’re not using it at all, you’re probably thinking about renting it out in the summer to get an extra income that will come in handy for the rest of the year. If this is your case, we offer a series of tips and some legal issues that are important for you to know.

Comply with current legislation

Firstly, the legislation that regulates everything related to holiday rental housing is different in each Autonomous Community. In the case of Andalusia, Decree 28/2016, of 2 February, is responsible for regulating this type of rental.

According to the Regional Government of Andalusia, a house for tourism purposes is understood to be “any property located on residential land which offers accommodation in exchange for a economic retribution, regardless of whether it is a complete house or a room”.

To rent within the law, you must have a license of occupancy and meet the technical and quality conditions defined in the Decree, such as that the rooms must have direct ventilation to the outside or that must include a first aid kit.

Another of the conditions that must be met when renting is the cleaning at the entrance and exit of new customers. A good way to get the house completely clean is to hire a professional cleaning service. In addition to complying with the law, the state of the house is very important in order to get new tenants.

The property in question must be registered in the Andalusian Tourism Register and submit the responsible declaration form. This procedure can be carried out quickly and easily through the Board’s website thanks to the digital certificate.

Where to declare that income

Once you have successfully rented the apartment and received the money, this income should be reported as “income from real estate capital”. This yield is obtained by subtracting from the income the expenses that have been incurred to obtain them (purchase of furniture, repairs, cleaning service…).

It is advisable to draw up a contract for each tenant who is going to stay in your home, with some basic information such as the name of the person, the dates of the stay, the number of people, the code of the registration of the apartment and the total price of the rent.

In addition, the Decree stipulates that a check must be carried out on guests, so that all persons over 16 years of age must present their identification document and complete the entry form.

After having completed all these procedures (they are really very simple and easy to do thanks to the Electronic Administration), you can start renting your home in summer and get some extra income, complying perfectly with the current legislation.

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