Change of wardrobe: tips to store your winter clothes

“Until May 40th, do not take off your coat.” The Spanish proverb was right, this year is taking time that the good weather arrives, but it seems that it is time to store the winter clothes and take out the summer clothes. We tell you a few tricks to make this task that you do every year a little easier and faster.

Following some tips when it comes to storing winter clothes will help you have a much better and more efficient organization. Also your clothes will be kept in better condition, because we do not want to spoil them becase we aren’t careful when making the change of wardrobe.

Wash the clothes

The first thing to do is to wash the clothes that we are going to store. This way it prevents deterioration and bad odors that can also harm other garments that are not dirty. No need to iron, because when you take it out next winter you will have to do it again to remove the folds and marks from being bent so long.

If you want, you can add an air freshener so that the clothes keep smelling good after a few months. It is important that the place where you are going to keep it is clean and free of moisture, because this can end up spoiling all the clothes.

Check the clothes you do not wear

A good organization will help you keep things more efficiently, but before that, it is recommended that you review everything you have. You probably have a lot of clothes that you keep, even if you do not wear it anymore. Take this moment to review and get rid of what you do not use. Thus, you do not use space unnecessarily.

Use boxes

Normally large plastic bags are used to store clothes, and it is easy that they end up wrinkling. The best thing for these cases is to use wooden boxes, which are more solid and resistant and easier to place inside the closet or attic.

As for the organization, try to classify the clothes by type, that is, the shirts with the shirts, the coats with the coats and so on until you finish. This has many advantages, among them, that if you need to take something concrete because it is colder than normal, you can do it without having to search through several boxes and having to open them to see what’s inside.

Quilts are what occupies most space and can be a problem. To solve this, you can buy some special plastic covers that allow you to remove the air with a vacuum. You can save a lot of space if you do it by this method.

Place shoes well

The shoes also have to be cleaned thoroughly before storage. The important thing in this case is that they are well ordered and not one on top of the other, because over time they deform and end up spoiling faster, without even having used them.

With these simple tips, keeping winter clothes is much easier. You will have everything more organized in case you have an emergency because of an unexpected change of time, you will save space and the clothes will be in much better condition when the cold comes back again.

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