Internal or External Service, know all the pros and cons

Hiring a household employee is a matter to be considered as there are several options to choose from. If you do it directly, you save an intermediary, although you have to take care of the bureaucratic procedures that can be complicated, while a specialized company will give you greater support and security. What is best for you?

Maybe you have considered hiring a professional to clean your home, either because you need help or because you want to dedicate the little free time you have to other issues. In these cases, the first thing you have to ask yourself is whether to hire someone on your own or do it with a company specifically dedicated to offering this type of service. Each option has its pros and cons, we tell you all below.

Looking for someone on your own?

Hiring someone on your own is probably the easiest thing if you know someone you can trust. Also a friend can recommend a person who was at home cleaning and liked how they did it. Like this, the process is much faster and easier, without a doubt, but it has some drawbacks.

Having a household employee in your home, you must have this person registered in the Social Security, since this type of work is included in the Special System of Domestic Employees. Therefore, it is necessary to approach the General Treasury to deliver the necessary documentation and fill out a series of forms.

The simplicity of which we spoke at the beginning of the process counteracts with the rest of the procedures which you must go trough, and sometimes many people get lost in this type of process and it can cost more than a headache.

Hire a specialized company?

This problem that we find when hiring someone on your own is solved by going to a specialized cleaning company, which is responsible for all these little things. Thus, the client does not have to worry about anything.

In addition, a cleaning company has experience doing this type of work and has received the feedback from all the other customers. Tranings are also carried out to offer a service as professional as possible and the final result is to the customer’s liking.

A good way to know for sure that a company does a good job are the quality seals of ISO standards. This organization is responsible for certifying the good performance of a companies through a series of rules and has become a quality standard among companies in any sector or industry.

In short, hiring someone you trust directly can be a good option, probably the cheapest, but you have to take care of all the bureaucratic procedures, including Social Security and managing holidays and possible leaves of absence.

Conversely, hiring a specialized cleaning company can raise the price slightly, but you are more covered thanks to the fact that there is a corporation behind that carries out all the procedures, has a civil liability insurance and guarantees a level of satisfaction that, if you do not reach it, you will be able to claim the supervisor so that the necessary changes are made.

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