How to remove silicone without leaving a trace

Many times we perform repairs at home on our own in which we have to use silicone. The result is good, but it is possible that we have spent applying it and there are remains that it is better to remove, because it ends up getting dirty and is bad. We tell you how to remove silicone easily and easily.

At the time of making a small reform or a DIY project, silicone is one of the most used materials. However, we can find problems such as the difficulty to control the amount or that is stuck in places that we do not want and have to remove it in some way. There are several ways, so choose the one that best suits you with the materials you have at hand.

How to remove silicone: glass ceramic blade

The simplest process, although it can not always be used, is to use a knife that is used to clean the glass ceramic. You just have to scrape the excess silicone to get rid of as much as possible. You may have to combine it with another method if it does not end up going away altogether.

The most important thing here is to take into account the surface you are going to scratch, because the blade can cause scratches. Do it carefully or go into another method if you do not want to risk it.

How to remove silicone: acetone and solvent

In the case that the surface is more delicate and you do not want to use the blade for the glass ceramic, you can try with a mixture of acetone and solvent. Both ingredients have to be equal parts.

Apply this combination on the silicone that you want to remove and you will see how it comes off. In the event that the problem is that the silicone has become dirty and that blackened color is ugly, use a cloth with bleach to clean it and it will be as white as it was at the beginning.

How to remove silicone: toilet paper and iron

The silicone not only remains stuck to certain surfaces when we use it, we can also get some clothes dirty while we are using it. Do not worry, there are also ways to clean your clothes or your accessories that have been soiled with silicone.

The first thing you have to do is place a piece of toilet paper on the affected area and then pass the iron to an average temperature. In less than a minute, the heat will have done its job and the silicone will go to paper.

With these simple tricks, you do not have to worry when you are going to perform some reform or repair at home with silicone. The remains of it can be easily removed with a glass ceramic blade or a combination of acetone and solvent. And if your problem is that the silicone has become dirty with the passage of time, a cloth with bleach is your best option.

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