Five ways to get your children to achieve better results

The end of the school year is approaching, one of the most stressful seasons for students, but also for parents, who are concerned about the performance of their children. Do you want to know how to help them and get the best possible grades? Here are five tips that can help you achieve better results.

Sometimes it can be frustrating for parents to see that their children are getting bad grades or are not making the most of their potential and are not sure what to do to solve this problem. There is still time to change the attitude and make the end-of-course notes better than the previous ones.


The parents are not the only ones who can be frustrated with the result of the grades, also the children can have that problem. Being mad at them is not the solution, on the contrary, it will get worse their self-esteem and predisposition to study.

A good motivation begins by highlighting their positive points and reinforcing them, focusing only on the bad things just helps to demotivate them. The child’s weaknesses are what you have to work on together. For example, if you have concentration problems, help you achieve a quieter work environment so you can concentrate better.


The problem of concentration is increasingly common among the new generations. Today they have many distractions nearby, such as the mobile phone ringing all the time with whatsapps or the computer. The best thing is to delimit a time of study in which these things are left out to get a better concentration.

It is also important that you have your own workplace, that it is clean and organized and that it is always the same. This creates a study habit that will progressively make it easier to get to work.

Talk with the tutor

During the hours they are in class, you do not know anything about what your child is doing or not doing. The most advisable thing is to talk with their tutor and know their opinion. They know better than anyone where the student’s problems are.

Maybe the problem of your child is not a lack of study, but maybe they do not pay attention in class and that makes them miss many of the explanations given. This type of things only the tutor knows, that is why it is an important part for their performance to improve.

Study techniques

Each person is a world and there are certain things that works better for some people and worse for others, so you have to find what is good for your child to study. There are very varied studying techniques, such as making diagrams or summaries of the topics. Ask in the center for them and apply them.

With these tips you will see how your son takes better advantage of the time they spend studying and this, after all, will affect their marks for the better. Remember that the important thing is to support and help them get the best out of them and use their full potential.

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