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How to remove tartar from the bathroom

The accumulations of tartar are one of the most common spots that appear in the bathroom. Do not know how to remove them easily and with products to walk around the house? Here we explain how to remove tartar from the bathroom quickly and easily.

Why does tartar appear?

Tartar and other types of yellowish soils are accumulations of calcium, bicarbonate and magnesium carbonate. The bathroom is one of the most prone sites because there is always some accumulation of fluids. Drinking water usually has lime and minerals that cause tartar to appear in places like the bathroom or sink.

The scale accumulates as the water circulates through the pipes and when it comes in contact with the bathtub, shower, toilet and other elements. Then, calcium crystallizes and becomes dirty.

Better safe than sorry, so the first piece of advice to clean the tartar is to avoid the accumulations of unnecessary water and moisture in the cracks of the bathroom. The moment you see that this type of dirt begins to come up, clean it as soon as possible, because this way the process will be much less laborious.

How to remove tartar from the bath: vinegar and lemon

The most natural process is to use some type of liquid that is acid, such as white vinegar or lemon (half a cup of white vinegar with lemon juice is a good mix). Apply and scrub the part that is dirty so that it softens and is easier to remove later. Then pour warm water to remove any residue that may have remained.

How to remove tartar from the bath: cola drink

Although it sounds strange, cola is a good way to clean the toilet. You need to mix a can of this drink with a cup of white vinegar and three tablespoons of baking soda. The first thing is to pour the soda and let it take effect for half an hour and then add the vinegar and bicarbonate mixture. Once finished, rinse it with hot water.

How to remove tartar from the bath: hydrogen peroxide

This method is recommended for walls and bathroom tiles. You have to mix half a cup of baking soda, two tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide and lemon juice. The kind of paste that is created you must apply it on the tartar stains, let it act for 20 minutes and then remove it.

How to remove tartar from the bathroom: borax

Borax is a chemical compound normally used in detergents and pesticides. It is a stronger substance than the previous ones (it is recommended that you use gloves and a mask to manipulate it), so it is only for more serious cases of tartar buildup. The first is to pour a mixture of a cup of white vinegar and hot water to clean above and then apply borax and let it do its effect for half an hour.

With this pieces of advice on how to remove tartar from the bathroom, you will have it as new whenever you need to clean it. Remember that the ideal is always to remove the stains when you start to see them and not let them grow, because in the end they accumulate and we will have to use more aggressive methods.

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