como limpar el parquet

How to clean the parquet in 5 steps

The floors of parquet or wood are very demanded at present, mainly by his presence and by the comfort that contributes to the house. Although it has its advantages, it also has its drawbacks, and is that it is a more delicate material than others and needs a more special care and cleaning treatment. We tell you how to clean the parquet in five steps.

Tips to preserve the parquet

It is important to highlight some conservation advice of the parquet before getting into its cleaning. You have to be very careful with furniture, especially chairs, which are usually the ones we usually move. Placing adhesives on their legs is a good option to avoid creating unnecessary scratches that will then be impossible to remove afterwards.

Heeled shoes and platforms are other enemies of parquet, so it is advisable to always remove them before entering and not wearing them around the house. It is important to clean the rest of the shoes in a mat at the entrance, because they can bring dirt and small stones that leave flaws in the ground.

As a last tip, water and direct sunlight are not good friends. If you drop any liquid, you have to clean it and dry it immediately, and if you are not going to use a room, it is advisable to close the curtains so that as little light as possible. That said, let’s see how to clean the parquet effectively.

Step 1. Daily cleaning

The first thing is to do a daily cleaning of the parquet to get rid of all the dust or other dirt, like crumbs from the food or the dirt that the shoes bring after coming from the street. For this step, it is more advisable to use a soft mop or even vacuum with a special brush rather than a broom, since this only thing is to drag the particles and not remove them.

Step 2. Remove localized spots

It may be that with the general cleaning of the first step all the dirt is not gone and we have spots of other types in some part of the parquet floor. To clean this, it is best to use a slightly moistened cloth. Remember that it is not convenient to use excess water in this type of material or it will end up spoiling.

Step 3. Use vinegar with caution

Vinegar is a solution that is often recommended as a home remedy. Be careful with its use, because it is an acid substance that can damage the wood, so it is advisable to dilute it well in water.

Step 4. Use specialized products occasionally

The specialized products for the conservation of parquet are specifically manufactured so as not to spoil this delicate material, without chemicals that can scorch the surface. Cleaning with these liquids does not have to be daily, with passing them once every one or two weeks is enough to keep the wood clean and well preserved.

Step 5. Keep the brightness

There are also specialized products to brighten this type of surfaces, which is recommended to use every two or three months. If you do not want to buy one of these, you can use a more homemade solution: a little oil on a clean cloth. Now the woods do not need waxes as they used to, as they are varnished from the factory.

Following these five steps and these conservation tips, your parquet floor will be like the first day. The little extra work that this type of surface requires is worthwhile after seeing the result and how well it looks in your house.

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