family-work conciliation

Family-work conciliation, is it a myth or a reality?

There are only 24 hours in one day and that is something we cannot change. It may seem like they are not enough for family-work conciliation. Is the conciliation a myth or is it something you can actually achieve? We will answer that right away.

We have so many obligations at work and family responsibilities that we may think that life-work conciliation is something impossible to have. We are going to give you some pieces of advice to achieve that conciliation and find out that it is actually a reality.

Look for help

Only one person cannot handle by himself or herself all the responsibility, because in the end, it will be bad for their health and it will have a bad effect on their relationship with their family. That is why it is good to ask for help, maybe to the grandparents, so they can spend time with their grandchildren, or professional help for the time their parents are not around.

family-work conciliation

Have a good rest

It may sound like something that is too obvious, but it is good to remind from time to time that rest is essential. You need a lot of energy to handle a whole day of work and family. Sleeping more than seven hours is necessary so our brain rests and recharge itself. After some good hours of sleep, you can see things in a better perspective and your attitude to go through the day will be more positive.

Organize your chores

As we were saying, it is good to search for help and not always have to be from someone of the outside. If you share out chores, you will prevent from having someone too exhausted and your relationship will be healthier. This can also be a good moment, if your children have an appropriate age, to give them some responsibilities and teach them they have to help at home too.

Have some me time

Lack of time is the main issue when it comes to family-work conciliation. We know it is hard, but try to have at least 15 minutes for yourself, to be alone and do something you really like. This quiet and fun moment is important so you can continue with your day with a better attitude and humor.

family-work conciliation

Have a better organization

If you are lacking time and 24 hours are not enough for you, try to make the most of them (but do not forget your sleeping hours, remember). If you want to take advantage of all the available hours, using an agenda may be a good option, so you have all your activities and responsibilities in one place and you can organize yourself better. You can make a list of priorities and place everything in its place according its importance.

In order to make a good use of your time, creating routines is also a good way. By doing this, you assimilate the easiest activities and in the future, you will do those much faster. There are also little tricks that they can be a good way of saving time, like cooking for some days in advance or getting ready the clothes and the backpack for your children the night before going to school.

After these pieces of advice, we can say that family-work conciliation is actually something real, not a myth. It is not easy, but it is something we can achieve if we put an effort into it. In the end, following these recommendations, it will seem as if the day has more than 24 hours and your quality of life will improve.

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