decora tu casa para la primavera

Decorate your house for the arrival of spring

Spring is here, although these rainy days make it not seem like it. While you wait for the good weather to arrive, it’s the perfect time to start decorating your house for the new season. With a few simple tricks and elements in the decoration, it will be perfect to welcome spring.

After Christmas and winter, we have our houses prepared for the cold. But it is time to welcome the sun and the good temperatures. Not only can you celebrate going out for a beer with your friends to a terrace, also at home we can make some small changes to adapt it to the spring spirit. Here are some tips to give it a new look.

Change textiles and add color

With the spring certain textile elements of house disappear, like the blankets; but there are others that stay, like the sheets on the bed, the cushions on the sofa or the tablecloth in the dining room table. Change these for others that have more vivid colors, white tones and colorful or tropical prints. So you get a change of scenery and a more cheerful atmosphere.

Decorate with plants

The most striking (and pretty) of spring are the flowers. So what better way to decorate for this season than putting plants at home. This way you will be able to give color and life to your home with a simple gesture. It is better if the plants are natural, not artificial ones. You can also place bouquets of roses or hydrangeas in pretty vases in your living room. You even have the possibility of taking advantage of the flowers when they dry. For example, flowers like lavender are still worth as decoration.

Prepare the terrace and the garden

Spring also means starting to take advantage of terraces and home gardens, so it’s time to prepare and decorate them. Take out chairs, tables and other furniture (which are resistant to inclement weather, of course) and place awnings, umbrellas and lamps to illuminate the night. With this, you will have everything ready to start enjoying the good time with friends and family. What better than a snack with friends and family on your terrace?

decora tu casa para la primavera

Create your own decoration

If you want to give a personal and exclusive touch to your home, you can make your own decoration. Take colorful paper or cloth, wrap the pots and tie them with string to give it an original touch. Improvise vases for flowers with other containers such as food jars and place them in different places of the house so that spring arrives in every corner.

With these simple decorating tips, your house will have been as new and perfect to start the spring on the right foot. Now it’s time for you to enjoy the sun and the good weather. You can invite some friends home to see how ideal you have left your home for this season.

Until next week!

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