cómo quitar el chicle de la ropa

How to remove gum from clothes effectively

There are many types of stains that can seem very complicated to remove or impossible without damaging the garment they are in, as is the case with chewing gum. However, it is much easier than it seems and we are going to give you a few tips on how to remove gum from clothes effectively.

The children have “that special ability” (as many fathers and mothers will know) of being stained with everything, and the clothes at the end of the day have to go directly to the washing machine. The issue is that sometimes it is not enough with the washing machine and there are things like chewing gum that can not be removed so easily and can damage the clothes when removed directly. We will explain how to remove chewing gum from clothes with several different methods.


Fold the garment so that the gum is on the outside and put it in the freezer. Place a bag underneath so it is not in direct contact with the surface and wait for 2-3 hours (depends on the amount of chewing gum). Take it out once it is frozen and remove it quickly with a knife without a tip so as not to damage the clothes.

cómo quitar el chicle de la ropa


The opposite method is also a good way to remove chewing gum from clothes. Introduce the garment in boiling water carefully and rub the gum with a knife or toothbrush until it has come off. Do the same on the part of the fabric where it was to make sure that no trace remains. Then let it dry and it will be as good as new.

Use alcohol

You just have to use pharmacy alcohol for delicate items on the part where the chewing gum is with a cloth or sponge. Do not worry, because alcohol does not spoil clothes or leave a stain or remove color. When you remove the gum, use some softener to remove the smell of alcohol and you will have the garment as new.


Place the garment on a cardboard so that the gum sticks on the cardboard. Then the iron is passed at an average temperature through the affected area. Repeat the process until the chewing gum comes off completely and stays in the cardboard. Then just wash it and go.

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Use vinegar

Heat a glass of vinegar in the microwave until it is about to boil. When you’re ready, rub it on the gum with the help of a toothbrush. This has to be done quickly, since the vinegar only acts if it is very hot.

Use gasoline

When handling gasoline or lighter fluid, be very careful because as you already know, it is a very flammable product. Apply it on the chewing gum and wait for it to dissolve. Then, remove the gum with a knife or spatula, being careful not to damage the fabric. Wash it immediately to remove any strong odor that can leave gasoline in clothes.

As you can see, the chewing gum in the clothes are not so difficult to remove and there are many ways to do it without a trace and the garment is again like new. Choose the one you prefer and the one with the most handy materials.

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