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5 original ideas for St Valentine’s Day

St. Valentine’s Day is coming, the best day for people in love, when everyone wants to spend the day with their couple y and forget about everything else. If you have been celebrating this day for some years, you must be already tired of the classic romantic plans. That is why we are going to give you some ideas about what to do spend the most romantic day of the year with your partner.

St. Valentine’s Day is a good moment to get away from the routine and the stress of daily responsibilities. Besides, it is always good to make plans with your partner y not to do every day the same things.

Balloon ride

We are used to watching the city from the ground. This can be a good time to have a completely different point of view: from the sky. Many cities offers rides on balloons, so you can enjoy the spectacular views along with whomever you want. You will have a quiet, fun trip, away from the daily noises. Waking up very early in the morning is worthy just to see the view.

Horse ride in the beach

Maybe February is not a good month to go to the beach and take a swim, but it is the perfect moment to take a walk riding a horse. You and your partner in the back of the horses walking by the sea is a picture that is worth to have and remember in the future.

Chocolate massage

It is usual on St. Valentine’s Day to give chocolate in a heart-shaped box, but you can use chocolate in a different, more original way on this special date. Chocolate therapy massage is the best option for you. Chocolate has many positive properties for the sin and massages are good for putting away the stress of the week.

Sailing boat ride

If you want to go to the beach and you enjoy better the sea than the sand, then your best option is a sailing boat ride with your partner. It is another way of enjoy the view and being alone with him or her, away from all the noise and pollution. Dinner on the sailboat is the best way to end that romantic day in the middle of the sea.

planes originales san valentín

Escape room

Lately, escape rooms have been very popular and this day can be the perfect time to try for the first time. In this kind of activities, the couple is locked in a themed room and they have to figure their way out by solving puzzles. It is a good way for making your bond stronger.

If you have children or someone you have to take care, you can always contact some professional that looks after them on this special day. This will be very good for your relationship.

If you are already tired of going out for a dinner and buying roses and chocolate, these are just a few original ideas to celebrate St. Valentine’s Day. The most important this is to spend a good time with your partner and disconnect from everything else. You will be make new memories to cherish in the future.

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