Wise men

“More time for me and my family.” We write the letter to the Wise men.

There is nothing better than looking at a child on January 5 at night, when his eyes reflect so much illusion that you get infected. From Aecetia we know that no matter how old you are … that child comes back out every year at this time. A new job, a car, health, more time … and you, what have you asked the Wise men?. Today we teach you how to make your wishes come true.

As it happens with the New Year’s resolutions, there are two things that are always in the Letter of the Kings from the big children, health and spend more time with their own. Today we are going to focus on explaining how you can make your Majesties satisfy your desire and get more time for your family – and for you.

More time for my family and me

One of the phrases that we repeat the most is I do not have time for anything. We live against the clock, as if we were in a constant marathon, however, notice that whenever you have something urgent, you are able to stretch the day even more and fit it into your calendar.

Wise men

In most cases, one of the main problems we find is not the lack of time itself, but the poor organization, lack of planning and not having clear priorities for your day.

If you work at home, outside and in addition you have small ones, many times you will think that you wish to have days with 48 hours to be able to satisfy all the pending tasks, however, time is the only resource that you can’t control. If you are tired, somewhat frustrated and with the feeling that you should spend more time with the family before the children grow up or the older ones leave, take our advice.

Everything starts with a good planning

Planning will be key in time management, it is important to write down all the tasks that we have to do during the day. Try to make a list and write assignments in order of priority the day before at night. Do not postpone those activities that you like least. The best thing is to do this type of tasks as soon as possible, so you will e able to concentrate on the rest more easily.

Start by planning the important things and you will see how little by little you will improve in that management. Once you get used to the daily to-do lists, you can start planning the weeks with the family, respecting the periods you have set aside to be all together.

Applications such as Wunderlists can help you with planning and also distribute tasks both domestic and professional with other people.

Commit yourself

How many times have you heard do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today? Well as this saying goes, make sure you have the tasks as up-to-date as possible, so as not to be startled and to be calmer. Both personal and professional, this will help you be more efficient and with it, you will have more time for what really matters, your happiness and your family.

Ask for help

Today’s society imposes a frenetic rhythm, where we are asked for almost impossible things and where we are also socially forced to be the best mothers and fathers, husbands, professionals … .But when trying to do everything to perfection there are times we get exhausted and end up waver in all fields.

Wise men

We have to learn to delegate and seek help in things such as cleaning the house, which despite being crucial, are tasks that can be done by professionals, saving you a lot of time and most importantly, ensuring a pleasant experience when you return home after a hard day’s work.

Create Traditions

Friday’s pizza, Sunday movie, laundry day. Make the whole family participate in your new traditions and turn tasks and routine activities into something special and what everyone is waiting for.

That will make you not only win family time but you will also be contributing to give them the best gift, happy memories.

So here are some tips so that this year and once and for all, the Wise men bring more time for your family. We will be back next week.

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