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How to Clean the Manila Shawls

The manila shawl is perhaps one of the most delicate pieces we can have in our wardrobe. Usually   it is inherited from mothers to daughters, so it has a fairly high sentimental value. We tell you how to clean the manila shawls so you can keep it for many years.

Not all garments require the same care. Depending on the different types of textiles that compose it, we will use different methods of cleaning and ironing. But in addition, there are garments as delicate as manila shawls whose cleaning requires special attention.

Cleaning manila shawls is not an easy task. Being a fabric so fine even water could fade and destroy the garment. If you have a manila shawl, you must be very careful when carrying it, prevent odors, that a fringe could get caught, or spill your glass of wine on it.

Generally this garment passes from generation to generation, so they tend to have a high economic and sentimental value. If you want to keep your manila shawl so that it stays as new for generations, follow our advice.

Do not wash the manila shawl by hand

Before cleaning manila shawls you should know that you cannot wash them by hand. Most are made with very old fabrics and dyes fade easily when immersed in water. It is even convenient to avoid putting it on a rainy day.

Do not cut the leftover threads

Over time, some embroidery threads may have come loose. Never cut the cuts! If you do not like the look of the shawl, use a special needle for wool and try to put the remaining threads one by one in the needlework. This task requires a lot of patience, but it will be worth it.

Clean the Manila Shawls

Do not hang them in the closet

Most people think that the best option is to hang the manila shawls in the closet, so they will not wrinkle, but this is not true. If we hang the shawl the weight of the fringes could tear the fabric.

The best way to store it is to roll it over itself, wrap it in silk paper and put it in a box or small drawer.

Prevents fringe from getting tangled

In general, the shawls usually have very long fringes that get tangled easily. To untangle the fringes we can moisten them with water, but never immerse them!

Moisten the fringes with the help of a spray, place the fingers as if they were a comb and untangle the fringes one by one. Then let it air dry.

How to clean manila the shawls?

If you consider that your manila shawl is too dirty or does not have a pleasant smell and you need to wash it, it is important to know how.
The best option is to air it for a few days. You can put it in an outdoors area of ​​your house for several days and once this time has passed, put it back in its box. If your shawl has odors or stains that are difficult to eliminate, you can opt for dry cleaning at your trusted cleaners.

In relation to ironing, we should not iron this garment. The embroidery and silk are very delicate and could be damaged at high temperatures. If your shawl is wrinkled you can hang it on a hanger by placing a table or chair underneath so that the shawl does not drag.
Leave it hanging only for a couple of days, otherwise the fabric could tear.

We hope you put in practice our advice on how to clean the manila shawls and this garment will last for many years in your family. If you know any other advices do not hesitate to leave your comment. See you soon!

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