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How to Clean Parquet

Parquet has become one of the most used materials on the floors of our homes. It is important to clean it properly and use the appropriated products to make it looks almost as good as new. We explain the best ways to clean parquet.

The use of parquet has been extended thanks to its beauty, the warmth it brings to any environment and its ease of installment. This fact, has favored the appearance of different types of parquet that adapt to the characteristics of each space.

When choosing between a parquet and another, it is necessary to take into account the use and decoration of the place where it will be placed. For example, light tones are ideal for a simple and casual decoration, on the other hand, dark tones are perfect for sophisticated and elegant environments.

One of the great disadvantages that exist when choosing this type of material is its complicated cleaning. However, if you know the right tricks to clean parquet and the products you should use, cleaning will be a piece of cake.

Tricks to clean the parquet

Use the mop

Wood hates water. It is recommended to sweep the floor with the broom or use a mop. In this way we will be able to eliminate the daily dust and dirt.

Clean Parquet

However, if the parquet gets dirty, for example mud, it will be necessary to use the mop. But remember, always drained to the fullest!

Beware of water excess

An excess of water can deform the parquet, causing it to rise or take off from the ground. For this reason, it is always advisable to clean parquet with a well-squeezed mop.

If water is spilled, the first thing to do is dry it as quickly as possible to prevent it from leaking. We can use the hair dryer, being careful not to burn the ground!

If the parquet has been raised, remove only that piece, and replace it with a new one.

Hydrates the wood

The wood needs to be nourished and hydrated. There are specialized products for this, however we can also use homemade products such as olive oil, linseed or pine. These oils will restore the shine to the wood and prevent it from cracking or deteriorating.

Clean Parquet

The ideal would be to do it every two months, using a cotton cloth and rubbing all over the floor.

Specialized products

We must be careful with the product we use to clean parquet. Cleaners such as bleach or ammonia will gradually remove the varnish layer, damaging completely the floor.

The vinegar is perfect to clean the parquet, and also it brings an extra shine to your floor. You can pour half a glass of vinegar in a bucket of water and use this mixture to clean the parquet, always with the mop well squeezed!


We hope that with these tricks your parquet looks like the first day and cleaning is not an inconvenience to choose how to decorate your home. If you know other tricks do not hesitate to let us know. See you soon!


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