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Music for Babies: Your best ally at bedtime

One of the most difficult challenges for newborns parents is getting them to sleep through the night. Although it seems an easy task, there are children who cannot sleep, not even for two hours at a time. Music for babies will be your best ally during the night.

Newborns can sleep up to 17 hours a day. The problem is that they do not know the difference between day and night. Therefore they can spend the whole day sleeping and waking up every hour at night.

Benefits of Music for Babies

Music helps babies sleep better, reduces the heart beat and improves oxygen saturation in the blood. When the pulsations go down the body begins to relax unconsciously and the external noise goes into second place. It will create a quiet environment, full of peace and harmony that will help the baby to be totally calm.

It is also important that there is a soft ambient light and the room to have a pleasant temperature.

Besides helping your baby to sleep, music has many other benefits. It also helps to reduce anxiety levels by making your baby more relaxed during the day. And it improves brain development by increasing the capacity for learning, attention and concentration.

music for babies

It is also advisable to put music to the baby during pregnancy. Approximately from the fourth months of gestation, fetuses can already hear the musical stimuli emitted from the mother’s vagina. It is recommended to put music to the embryo 10 or 20 minutes in the morning and at night to stimulate it.

Therefore music has beneficial effects from the prenatal stage to adulthood.

What is the best music for babies?

One of the most frequently questions parents ask is what kind of music is best for babies? There is no clear rule about it. Every baby can have his/her own musical favoritism. However for sleep it is recommended to listen to slow and smooth melodies, without abrupt changes of rhythms.

Classical composer music is like Mozart o Bach, soft rock bands like  Queen, or environmental sounds.

Classical music is very beneficial for babies, in addition to relaxing it stimulates their learning. The pieces of the composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart are especially recommended because of the belief that they stimulate the intelligence of the baby, it is the so-called Mozart effect.

music for babies

Soft rock can also help your baby relax. Slow songs, low notes and soft melodies are ideal for your baby to sleep.

Like music, the sounds of nature can help your baby sleep, the noise of sea waves, rain, birdsong….

Now we are clear that “music tames the beasts,” even the smallest. We hope your baby sleeps peacefully tonight with our advice, and with that you can also have a full rest that will fill you with energy to start the days to the maximum. Is there a song that your baby prefers? Share it with us!

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