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Looking for a New Look for your Home this Fall? We teach you to Paint Furniture for it

When autumn comes we spend more time at home enjoying our home. The afternoons on the sofa, blanket and movies or dinners with friends become a routine. What if you change the look of your house this fall? We explain how to paint furniture to give a new air to your home.

How to paint furniture step by step

Painting furniture is one of the easiest ways to give a change of look to the rooms of our home. By changing their color, we make the furniture look completely different, without spending much money. You just need a little can of paint.

Wood Furniture

Before painting wood furniture, it is necessary to sand it to eliminate the coat of varnish or old paint. If the paint or varnish is in bad condition it will be necessary to apply a paint remover  before sanding.

After the furniture has been sanded we will remove the dust with a soft cloth. The next step is to apply a coat of primer, to close the pores of the wood and get a more homogenous finish. Once the primer coat is dry, we sand the furniture again and remove the dust with a cotton cloth.

Now we can apply the paint of the color that we have chosen. We apply a thin layer of paint; we let it dry and sand it. After removing the dust we can give a second layer to obtain a uniform finish. And after it is completely dry, do not forget to re-sand!

It is very important to follow all the steps and not make mistakes in the process.

Wrought iron or steel furniture

The first step in cleaning metal furniture is to clean them thoroughly. Once it is dry we will sand all the furniture and, if necessary, before sanding we will apply a paint remover. To remove the paint from the raised areas we can use a wire brush.

paint furniture

Then we will clean very well all the furniture and we will apply an oxide transformer. The next step is to apply the primer. Finally we will paint the furniture with the enamel of the chosen color.

Stylish furniture

If you have old furniture, do not throw them! You can give a different touch to your home by recycling furniture by choosing a vintage or Shabby Chic decor.

It is about taking advantage of antique-looking furniture and combines them with soft tones or pastels. Therefore, when choosing the color of our painting we will lean for pink pastel, lightblue, beige, blue stewardess or white tones, if we want to achieve a Shabby Chic style or, red, orange, yellow, green, blue water, brown, white or black, if we prefer the vintage style.

paint furniture

To paint them we will follow the steps described in the previous sections. Although we can also use a distressed finish effect paint to give it a more rustic and original touch.

We hope you are clearer in how to paint furniture to give your house a change of look. And now let’s get to work!

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