Adaptación de los Pequeños a su Canguro

7 Tips to The Adaptation of The Little Ones to their Kangaroo Easier

If we already know the characteristics that the perfect nanny must have and know where to find it, the next step is to start to look after our child.

When time comes to separate you from your son, you just want it to pass quickly and a thousand questions surround your head, will he cry a lot? Will he adapt well? Will he be happy with her? All members of the family have to adapt to the new routine. Your child will have to get used to be taken care by another person and the nanny in addition to becoming familiar with your child, will have to adapt to the house and your customs. If you follow our recommendations the adaptation of the little ones to their kangaroo will be easier for all.

Tell your child about your nanny

Children are smarter than we think. If we talk to them they are able to understand our situation.

Anticipate your child what will happen, explain that he/she will be with another person because you have to go out and you will return soon. Tell him/her how the nanny will be, and all the activities he/she will be able to do with her: games, crafts, eating together, watching movies…

adaptation of the little ones to their kangaroo

Small periods of separation

If your child is not used to stay without his/her parents, it is advisable to start leaving him/her with other people for short periods of time, for him/her get used to.

We can start for an hour or two and stretch it until the child gets a whole morning without us. If you cannot leave it with anyone, try to be present the first few days you are with your nanny.

Your Tranquility is important

The first time you leave your child with the baby sitter, is normal for you to feel nervous and worried.

adaptation of the little ones to their kangaroo

You want to give the best to your child and that he is well at all times. That is why it is important for you to be calm and sure about your decision. This will ease the adaptation of the child. Otherwise, the child will sense your anguish and will be uneasy.

Do not extend the farewell

Farewell is perhaps the most difficult time for you and your child. Avoid leaving when the child is not aware of it, that way you will only get your child nervous when he discovers that you are gone.

The ideal is to say goodbye kissing on the cheek and tell him/her what time you will return.

adaptation of the little ones to their kangaroo

Introduce his/her Nanny

The first contact of the child with his nanny is fundamental and could mark the future of their relationship.

At this point it is important for the mother or father to be present, to see how the child reacts and also, so the child will be much calmer.

The first week is the key

The first week will be important so the adaptation of the little ones to their kangaroo easier.

The first few days it is recommended that the babysitter work with one of the parents at home so that she can also learn what her child needs and become familiar with his/her character.

Make her feel included

When you go home talk to the babysitter, ask her to tell you how the day has gone and the activities they have done. So your child will understand that you trust her and that he can also be calm.

adaptation of the little ones to their kangaroo

Not all people are the same, if you feel that your son has adapted well to a nanny or nursery test with other nannies that fit better with their way of being.

We hope our tips for that the adaptation of the little ones to their kangaroo easier have helped you. See you soon!



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