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How to Clean the Iron

The iron is one of the most used appliances in the home. We all like to go with clean clothes and without traces of wrinkles, to have a flawless look. But the base of the iron often darkens causing stains on our clothes. We tell you how to clean the iron to prevent this from happening.

It is common that with time some stains will appear in the base of the plate. These stains are caused by the synthetic microfibers that get detached from our clothes when ironing them, as well as by the remains of lime from the water used. If we do not clean our iron often this dirt is embedded in the base. And the problem comes when we ruin our clothes when ironing them, for not having removed the dirt of the appliance. This is a situation that is repeated more often than you think. So for this does not happen to you or does not happen to you again we are going to explain to you how to clean the iron step by step.

1. Clean the tank

The first step is to clean the tank that contains the water from the iron. We empty the water tank completely, making sure there is no residue left. Subsequently fill the tank to a little more than half of its capacity with distilled water or a mixture of water and ¼ vinegar (you need to make sure your iron supports the vinegar, read the instruction manual).

How to Clean the Iron

The next step is to turn the iron on at the maximum temperature and activate the steam function. Disconnect the iron, heat and steam will clean all the dirt inside.

2. Clean the outside

Secondly, we must clean the surface of the iron. Make sure the iron is already cold!

Moisten a cloth with water or other cleaning product and wipe it all over the surface. Check the case of the appliance to remove any accumulated dirt.

How to Clean the Iron

3. Eliminate the embedded dirt

The most difficult step is to remove all the dirt that is embedded in the base of the appliance! There are different ways for cleaning the base of the iron. The most commonly used is placing newspaper sheets and spreading salt on them. Then we connect the iron and when it is warm we pass it over the salt until the stains disappear.

How to Clean the Iron

Another option is to mix vinegar, water and baking soda, make a paste and apply it on the base of the iron when it is cold. The vinegar in addition to removing the stains will get a brilliant effect.

4. Iron a clean cloth

We need to make sure that all the dirt has disappeared. For this, we will choose a clean cloth that will not matter to us to get it dirty. We turn on the iron and start ironing the cloth. It is convenient to activate the steam function; the steam will help to release all the dirt. If by chance there was some dirt remaining with this step your iron will be completely clean.

5. Turn off the iron and let it dry

Finally, disconnect the iron and let it cool down. Be sure to place it on a suitable surface, for example, on the ironing board support. As the iron cools, it can continue to release dirt from the interior.

How to Clean the Iron

We hope you have a more clear view of how to clean the iron so that your clothes are free of possible stains. Remember that if it is one of the most used appliances we must keep it well clean. See you soon!

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