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How to Clean Car Upholstery

During the summer, we use the car more and we usually accumulate more dirt, especially inside. If we do not clean the car frequently, the accumulation of dust and impurities will accelerate the aging process of the vehicle. That’s why good maintenance is so important. We will tell you how to clean car upholstery so that it looks almost like new. 

After the summer vacation the interior of your car may not be clean enough. Normally, we take advantage of this period to make long trips and discover new places on board of our vehicle. Although it is always recommended to stop every three hours to rest and have a snack, there are times when it is inevitable to eat and drink inside our car, especially when we have small children. The problem is that our upholstery is exposed to various hazards such as juices, cookies, soft drinks, coffee, etc.

There are different products in the market for your car seats to be impeccable, however, there are also other cheaper solutions. Take note of the following advices we give you on  how to clean car upholstery to look flawless.

Types of stain and solutions

It would be ideal to always have wipe towels on hand to prevent the stain from becoming dry and difficult to remove.

Coffee and chocolate stains

You are drinking your coffee quietly on your way to work and … coffee on the floor! For this type of stains it is enough to spray clean crystals, to moisten the area and after leaving to act about five minutes, to dry it with the help of a cloth.

Clean Car Upholstery

For chocolate stains try a little liquid soap and a damp cloth.

Remains of fat or oil

It is one of the most feared stains. To eliminate them you can try rubbing with a cloth (cotton) moistened in paint solvent. Cover the stain with salt, so it will absorb the remaining fat and leave it to stand for a few hours. The last step is to pass the vacuum cleaner. And like new!


Many people, especially small children, become dizzy on long trips. This results in paleness, nausea and even vomiting. To remove the stain, apply water and soap as soon as possible, and rub the surface hard. You can use an air freshener to eliminate the bad smell. But if the stain or the odor persist, it is best to take the car to a place that specializes in interior cleaning.

 Clean Car Upholstery

If your upholstery gets stained with blood we will also tell you how to remove it.


To remove mud from our upholstery we will use a dry brush. When we have removed as much mud as possible, we will pass a brush moistened with water in the area, eliminating the dirt completely.

General Cleaning

In addition to cleaning the windows and the exterior of the car it is recommended to clean the upholstery at least every two weeks. The first step is to pass the vacuum cleaner. The ideal is to use a hand vacuum cleaner, as they are much more comfortable and allow you to access to complicated places. If you do not have a hand vacuum, you can also use the vacuum cleaner.

 Clean Car Upholstery

Once we have vacuumed the whole car, we will remove the stains of the upholstery with the aforementioned tricks. If your upholstery is made of cloth you pass a sponge moistened with water and liquid soap. But do not rub with force since you could damage the fabric! If your upholstery is made of leather you can use a dry cloth to remove the remains of dust, and apply a specific nourishing cream for this type of upholstery to prevent the skin from cracking.

These are our tips on how to clean car upholstery. Do you know more ways to do it?

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