5 tips to cope the return to school

With the arrival of September we all started the routine again. The little ones go back to school and the elders say goodbye to those vacations that we had been waiting all year. As we all find it hard to return to our obligations and recover habits we give you 5 tips to face the return to school in the best possible way.

1. Getting to bed earlier

It is usual that during the holidays the children go to bed late. That is why when they return to the routine it is difficult for them to adapt to the new schedule and get up early. It is convenient that one week before going back to school we begin to advance the bedtime, thus our children will begin to rise earlier instinctively. Remember that children should sleep 8 to 10 hours a day.

the return to school

2. Clean thoroughly

The return to school is the ideal time to do cleaning in our house. Maybe after the holidays our home needs a thorough cleaning. We will start by keeping everything we only use in the summer, such as beach towels, floats, umbrellas and other beach toys.

the return to school

The next step is to put order. It’s not about keeping everything in the store without checking what works for us and what does not. We have to get rid of the toys and books that our children no longer use, as well as everything that we will not use. Maybe somebody will need it more than we do.

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3. Reuse materials and books

Each year we buy the necessary school supplies so our children can do activities from the first day of school. But before rushing and ordering all the listed in the stationery, it is convenient to check the material we have at home. Notebooks from the previous year with clean sheets may still be usable, as well as colored pencils and markers.

the return to school

Reusing materials and books is the best method to save on the return to school.

4. Organize the closet

Just like the material the clothes can also be reused. Before you buy new clothes check the entire wardrobe, donate all the small clothes and those that are too deteriorated take it to the clean point of your city.

the return to school

If you need to buy new clothes, make a list of everything you need and compare prices through the Internet or visiting several stores. This way you will save as much as possible. And do not forget to order all the clothes!


5. Decorate the study space

Children need to have a study space since they an early age. This space should be well organize and have close to pencils, pens, and other material needed to do their homework. You can decorate together this space by choosing the desk, the lamp, and other elements, we give you some ideas.

the return to school

It is also important that the space is free of distractions and is in the area of the quietest house.

Have these tips served you to cope with the return to school? Would you add some more? Comment below and tell us.

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