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How to Clean Bathroom Screens

Cleaning the bathroom screens is no easy task. Lime and soap scum usually accumulate on the surface making your screen look sloppy. If you want your bathroom to be impeccable take note of these tips on how to clean bathroom screens.

Clean glass screens

Glass screens have become fashionable this last years. In addition to its spectacular designs allow the passage of light and create sensation of amplitude in the bathroom. But not everything is advantages. The process of cleaning glass screens is complicated.

When drops of water dry on the glass, they can permanently remain marks on it. To avoid this it is advisable to clean it in depth at least once a week.

Clean Bathroom Screens

To remove the remains of water, lime or soap we can use a mixture of water and ammonia. Pulverize the product on the screen, let the mixture work and wipe with a damp cloth. Another option is to mix water and vinegar in equal parts. Once we have rinsed the surface correctly, we wipe dry with a cloth to avoid any traces of water drops.

You can repeat this process frequently so that your screen is always shiny.

Clean acrylic or plastic screens

One of the advantages of plastic screens is that they dissimulate the remains of lime. However, acrylic is also a delicate material to clean. Use of rough cloths or certain soaps may damage the surface, giving our screen a sloppy appearance.

Therefore, to clean plastic screens we will use soft cotton cloths and non-abrasive cleaners.

Clean Bathroom Screens

When it comes to surface dirt a cloth moistened with water may be sufficient to remove traces of water drop or soap. In the case of lime or mold residues we must mix water with a non-abrasive detergent and let the mixture act for a few minutes.  Later we will remove the mixture and rinse with a clean cloth. It is important not to move the rag in circles as it may damage the screen.

Keep your screen clean

In the long run the screens can lose their brightness. In order for your screen to always look perfect, it is important to clean it regularly. The more people who use the bathroom more often you will need to clean it. If the screen stays dirty longer it will be more difficult to remove accumulated dirt.

One way to keep the enclosure always flawless is to clean it after each shower. It will not take us long. Just after showering we will pass a cloth to dry the water and prevent any remains of soap or lime.

If you also want to give an extra shine to your screen you can wipe a previously wet cloth in essential lemon oil.

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