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How to remove blood stains from any textile

There is nothing more scandalous than a blood stain! Getting rid of the traces of blood present in clothes can be complicated. That is why we are going to explain to you different ways to face this type of spots. Take note of the following tips we give you on how to remove blood stains.

There are two main factors that influence how to remove blood stains efficiently: on the one hand, if the blood is dry or still wet, and on the other hand, the surface where the stain is – whether it is clothing, wood, soil, etc.

How to Remove Fresh Blood Spots

It is important to put the garment as soon as possible under a faucet or shower head. Pressurized water will remove most of the blood if it is still wet.

Once this is done, to finish the stain completely we have two options:

  1. Use a paste made with salt and water, especially indicated for delicate garments. To make it work you need to use cold water.
  2. Use hydrogen peroxide, although in this case you must be very careful since it can whiten the garment. To avoid it you can dilute the hydrogen peroxide with double amount of water.

In both cases, after applying these methods, you would do a normal washing that will end up eliminating any remaining residue.

Remove stains from dry blood

One of the most used methods for clothes or fabrics is the one with toothpaste.

How to remove blood stains

To carry out this method you only have to rub the area with toothpaste, it doesn’t matter the type or brand. Then it is left to dry for later, once dry, rinse with cold water. It is very important that the water is cold. After this we only have to wash as we always do and we will see that the stain has disappeared.

If the fabric is somewhat thicker, such as jeans, you can use a tablespoon of ammonia diluted in water, leave it for 5 minutes to act and finish with soap once removed.

How to remove blood stains from surfaces

To remove these stains from surfaces such as wood, it may be sufficient simply by wiping with water. Even using your usual wood cleaner.

If we are facing a stain on a non-porous soil, it is best to pass the mop with bleach. When the surface is porous it is much simpler, with water and detergent may be enough. If there are still remains, a little ammonia will work wonders.

With these tips on how to remove blood stains from any textile or surface you will not have to fight with the stain or give it as impossible.

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