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5 Tips to decorate Children’s Rooms

The children’s rooms are the part of the house that we care most about. It is their rest area and the corner where they will spend most of their lives, until they become independent … So it is normal that we want to make it a space that they can feel theirs.

Here are 5 tips for decorating children’s rooms.

1. Give them space to move

Children's rooms

It seems obvious, but when we want to decorate the house we usually think about what furniture we will put, and many times we fill the rooms more than necessary.

With the children’s rooms, there is another problem: toys. We will not go into debate if they have too many or not, that is something that each one has to ask (although we are sure that it is the universal discussion among all families with small children). But what is clear is that less is more when it comes to furnishing your children’s room.

Too many objects and different colors overwhelm and excite children excessively. That’s why the ideal is that there is a play room and another one to sleep. Although, if that is not possible, we will avoid accumulating many toys on the bed and on the floor. To help meet this impossible goal, we will decide the basic furniture, plus bed and closet, that there will be in the room.

The recommendation is to have a desk to educate the habit of study. Although if the child is very small, you can do without this furniture until later. Actually, when the child is old enough to need the real desk, the child will not be using toys so much anymore.

2. Paint walls with light colors

Children's rooms

For the same reason that the toys overexcite the child, the cantons colors in furniture and walls have the same effect. Try painting walls and ceiling in white, beige or pastel shades for a relaxed atmosphere. And use sheets and furniture of similar colors.

For example, the brown tone gives security and stability; The blue gives a feeling of amplitude and the green relaxes and stimulates the mental activity. It is the preferred color for painting studies, but if you do not want to give it such a serious air you can paint the wall with warm colors, as long as they approach the pastel tone.

3. Decoration low cost with Origami

Children's rooms

Don’t you know the Japanese Origami technique yet? It consists of making paper figure. To decorate a room with children are ideal, because in addition you can make them with them. In the network you will find infinite tutorials to male them, but here is a web  that explains it really well.

4. Choose furniture with them

Children's rooms

One way of empowering the little ones and stimulating the affirmation of their personality is by letting them decide on their way of dressing or decorating their room. Around 8 years is when this need is felt more and children already reason beyond the immediate stimulus. You can invite them to accompany you to look for the furniture, or decide the color of the wall together. Surely it will be a moment to remember between the two!

5. Avoid carpets and rugs

Children's rooms

In addition to accumulating a lot of dust, carpets and rugs are complements that can be very overwhelming in a small room. According to Yasmina, an adviser to MiCasaEsFeng, the application of good feng shui involves avoiding carpets and placing a small carpet in winter. Instead, wall mirrors are ideal for “boosting self-esteem” and give a more roomy effect to the room.

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