Limpiar Cristales

How to clean the glass without leaving a trace

It seems impossible to clean the crystals at once and leave no mark of drops, or fuzz on the mirror. But the truth is that the quality of the cleaning in the crystals is in the material of the cloth with which we clean them, and the effect steam (that softens the dirt).

When you clean the house, if the glass stays dirty, it is like the work is not well finished: the house does not look nice, nor does the glass let the light pass well. Cleaning the glass correctly is very important. So we will explain how to clean the crystals without leaving a trace, so you can leave the shiny.

Methods for cleaning crystal

Clean Crystals

There are many ways to clean crystals. Depending on whether it is a window or a mirror, we can find different ways to clean them. It is true that most of the time the same method works for both, but there is a specific trick that will only serve to clean the mirror, and is the best there is: Take advantage of the mist that forms in the mirror after showering and pass a dry towel (for example, a hand towel). It takes a minute and remains impeccable.

Newspaper and ammonia

It is the preferred option for all who have tried it. As simple as getting half a cup of ammonia and diluting it with another half of water. Then moisten the newspaper in the mixture so you can clean the crystals. Rub hard and you’ll see the newspaper breaks a little. No problem. Change the newspaper as many times as necessary, and if you see that the liquid does not reach the glass well, introduce the ammonia and water into a vaporizer and use it as a current crystal cleaning. You’ll see the brightness!

Clean crystals with vinegar

If you prefer to clean your house in an ecological way, you can clean crystals with vinegar. Use a micro fiber cloth and moisten it with a little vinegar. If it is very dirty, increase the dose of vinegar and then pass a second cloth of micro fiber (dry) to the glass, to give a good finish.

Trick to clean dirty glasses

In the case of a really dirty window, it is best to wash the first one with soap and water. Mix water, bleach and dish soap in half a bucket of water. Put on gloves and use a sponge or cloth to clean the crystals with the mixture. It is recommended that you put a good amount of product, even if it flows through the window, to soften the dirt.

In case you have strong incrustations, you can help with a scraper or rub with the hard part of the sponge, carefully.

When the window is full of soap and rubbed well with the sponge, use the scraper to remove all the soap. For a perfect result, make strips from top to bottom and vertical. If necessary, dry the glass with a micro fiber cloth or newspaper.

Do you know other tricks? Tell us!