10 cleaning tricks so your house is always perfect

If you are at home you will find that many times the order is not the one you want. You do not know how, but there is always something in the middle, and if you do not clean it yourself for a whole day (which for misfortune is usually a holiday) there is no way your home look like you would always like it to be.Today we present 10 cleaning tricks so that your house is always perfect. They are simple things to add to your day to day, so that, without even thinking, you could always have your house in order.

1. Keep the order

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Order gives a feeling of cleanliness. So one of our cleaning tricks to get a perfect house is this: keep things in place. It is a very silly custom, but that, besides not spreading chaos, it will keep you focus in what you do.

And is that, most of the time, disorder is nothing more than a cluster of misunderstandings that occur because we have the head somewhere else. Simply, when you finish using something, put it back to where it belongs. This way you will maintain a radiant appearance in all corners of your home.

2. Pass the vacuum cleaner and dust cloth frequently

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So that the appearances do not deceive, besides keeping the house ordered you must accompany that image with a real cleaning. We know that what gets dirtier are the floor and objects that accumulate dust. So, our second cleaning trick is that you get used to it, as part of the daily routine, take a rag and pass it on surfaces and objects periodically. The ideal is every two or three days, and the same with the vacuum cleaner.

3. Remove shoes before entering house, or clean them

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Did you know that 60% of the germs that enter your home do through the front door? The dirt we pick up with our shoes from the outside comes with us every time we return home. For this reason, cleaning your feet when entering, brushing your shoes with the mat (which must also be kept clean) will help keep your house clean.

4. Sweep the kitchen when you finish eating

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The ideal is to sweep the floor of our kitchen after using it and not while we are cooking. This will prevent dust from rising and falling into our food. If we do not clean the kitchen after use, there may be stains on the floor that are difficult to remove later. In addition, food remains can attract rodents or insects.

After sweeping it should be cleaned with hot water and a stream of ammonia

5. Wash the dishes just after eating

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Wash the dishes and cooking utensils after each meal, so you will not accumulate the work and the food remains will not dry out. The ideal is the dishes should be scrubbed with hot water and concentrated anti-grease detergent. If you have a dishwasher remember that you should not put the dishes with leftovers food is always convenient to clarify before.

6. Have a micro fiber cloth ready in the bathroom

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While you are in the shower, you can to clean it. Take the washcloth with a little soap and pass it on tiles, taps and mirrors. Also remember to clean the sink or toilet whenever you use it. It’s one more minute of time and you will keep the bathroom sparkling and clean always.

7. Have a laundry basket

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It is essential to have a place to place the clothes that you are going to wash, so that it is not in the middle or inside the washing machine. Place laundry baskets in strategic places: the rooms and/or the bathroom. Wash clothing frequently to prevent excessive build-up of soiled laundry, generate bad odors.

8. Make sure beds are always made.

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It is something that mothers repeat to us from an early age. But often, laziness or haste makes us leave the bed unmade. There is no image that transmits more neglect than a bed unmade, and in addition, every time you sit or leave something on it, you will be dirtying the sheets.

When you get up stretch the sheets, place them, put the cushions in place and ready. Your room will look like another.

9. Take care of your balcony or terrace

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In case you have a small balcony or a terrace, keeping it clean and nice will be essential so that it does not become a storage room. It gives a horrible image from the outside. And from the inside you will always think that you could get more out of that beautiful space that takes you outside…

10. Watch your plants

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In the same line as the balcony, taking care of your plants and keeping them in good condition will make your floor look nice without effort. Remove the dry leaves and water them when necessary. They will give the light to your space, and as you see, to get a perfect house you just need to keep what you already have in good condition.

Did this article serve you? What cleaning tricks do you use to keep your house perfect?