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Definitive Guide to Choose the Perfect Nanny for Your Children (Part II)

If in the first article we tried to define our ideal kangaroo, now we will try to find it. There are many trusted websites, although not all are professional services. In many cases you will find sites of individuals who offer babysitting, but this does not guarantee the candidate’s professionalism or job stability. In this second part of our definitive guide to find the perfect nanny for your children, we will talk about the process of selecting a nanny.

Where to Find a Good Nanny

To start, it is best to ask for references to acquaintances that already have one, and see if they can arrange schedules or if you know someone who can offer us their service.

Choose Nanny

However, in the absence of trusted acquaintances, you can always use a professional company, such as Aecetia, where we will advise you on the search of the nanny that best suits your needs, among our candidates who have already been pre-selected and who count with our approval.

In addition, the advantage of having a professional team is that you will hire a nanny who is professionally dedicated to it. We take care of the administrative management to register the service, and you will save yourself the displeasure that he/she leaves because he/she has found “something of his/her own”. This is often the case when babysitters do this work in a timely manner: while studying something else or to earn money, as the aupair do.


Why it is important to choose a nanny well

In addition to being someone in whom you place the responsibility of caring for your children when you are not there, the kangaroo is a person who has a strong influence on the behavior of your children and should not change often, so as not to create instability.

Therefore, we insist that you make a selection that convinces you and gives you confidence, but also that it is someone who suits your needs and can maintain the established commitment to the family.

Choose Nanny

Choose nanny with added value

In line with what we said before, you should think that – in addition to being responsible, pleasant with children, have good humor and availability time – the kangaroo must have a number of qualities that can bring to your children while he/she is with them.

Many parents decide to hire a foreign kangaroo for their child to learn languages. But if we talk about children who need a hand with the studies, a decisive factor is that she has some kind of diploma. Practicing a sport, or being a coach of a children’s team, also assures you an ability to control crisis situations – such as fights or temper tantrums – and be someone who really likes children.

Finally, think about whether a driver’s license is an essential element. If you live far from the city center, or you want to be able to accompany them to school or the weekend party, you will probably need a kangaroo with his own car and ability to drive.


Choose nanny with Aecetia

With Aecetia you can decide the benefits you want your nanny to have. In addition, we offer a recruitment service for which we take care of discharging Social Security, manage the casualties, and even replace a kangaroo by another if he/she does not convince you. Check our bonuses (internal link) services and prices on the web, or contact us directly to know all the details personally.

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