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Definitive Guide to Choose the Perfect Nanny for Your Children (Part I)

Choose a nanny is practically an obligation for today’s parents. It is not an easy decision, and many times we do not give the importance that it has to the fact to choose the person in charge of taking care of our children.

In this series of articles presented below, you will find the definitive guide to choose the perfect nanny for your children.

Although the gender is not the most important (there are many babysitters who take care of your children just as well as a woman) we will explain immediately that the priority when it comes to choose a kangaroo is that you decide for that person that generates confidence.

Intuition, when selecting people, is something that must be taken into account.


Characteristics of a good nanny

Before you start looking for a nanny or babysitter to care for your children, think about what you are looking for: how you are and what your priorities are, what are the main charges you want to assign to your nanny and what add value you would like to have (Languages, personal qualities, studies, driving license …).

Choose a Nanny

Know your priorities

This first phase is for reflection. Together with your partner, think for a moment about how you would define your way of educating your child, or in other words, your family style:

Traditional or modern? Do you like the child to decide what he wants to do at all times, or do you decide? What kind of activities do you think are priorities for the good education of the child and which are the red lines that you would not cross? For example, there are people who do not like animals at all, and do not want their child to get in frequent contact with dogs and cats for fear of lack of hygiene, or allergies, etc.

Every option is respectable, and to not have subsequent conflicts, the best is to know who we are and what we want to look for an assistant of our style.


Decide what tasks you want to assign to your nanny

After knowing yourself a little better and what you want, you can determine in a clearer way what you want your nanny to do, to know better what you are looking for:

For example, if you are only looking for some sporadic help, which you can use in emergency situations, you will need someone with flexible hours. However, if you want to choose a nanny who will pick up your children from school, you will need someone who can meet a fixed schedule every weekday (and some weekend if there is an extracurricular activity or there is a game).

Age is another factor to consider. We used to say that you would think about the kind of education you would like to give your children, and the red lines. It could be that a requirement was for the children to go out and play at least once a day; Or on the contrary, that they will stay at home studying or reading.

Choose a Nanny

A young person, in the first case, is ideal, because he/she can play and connect very well with your children. In the second case, if it is about a child without insurance or need help to concentrate, an older person will give them the confidence of feeling like they are with a mother – instead of a sister or friend – and they will be quieter at home. The habit of reading, depends to a great extent on what the parents do (the kangaroo does not perform miracles).


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