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How to have the perfect garden this summer with little budget

The good weather arrives and you’ll surely be thinking about how your summer is going to be this year: where will the holidays be, what clothes are you going to wear … or how can you arrange your garden to look more beautiful.

At this time of year is when everything that has been lagged during the winter begins to bloom and prepare for the Sun. Spring is also reflected in people and what they do. It is a good time to set new goals (besides the heavy “bikini operation”) to have everything ready as soon as this season arrives in which people burn with desire to go out into the street and contemplate everything that the brightness of the Sun shine.

For now we will explain how to have the perfect garden with little budget this summer, so you can get the best match to your home with little money.

Arrange the garden you already own

Begin your reform by observing the land your garden occupies.

What plants and objects do you want to keep and which ones would you stretch? Start by doing a deep cleaning and – as the cleaning queen Marie Kondo says, – stay with only what makes you happy.

Remove the weeds and trim the flowers that can be saved or that you want to keep having. Water and fertilize, if necessary, in that way you will have the garden ready and healthy to get to work with it.

We recommend that if you have to plant, use evergreen plants, which spoil less, and encourage you to look for a small area to make a garden with pallets.

Decorate the garden with materials you can reach

If you live near the countryside, you will find – without needing to go far – multitude of elements that can be used to decorate your garden with little money: stones, rocks, wood, cuttings of wild plants … Above all, choose a variety of sizes and shapes. But that all look, somehow, nice and decorative pieces.

You can also use the material of a building site. Take a tour of the waste containers near the buildings under construction. You will be surprised to see the amount of things that are thrown and that can be recycled as decorative objects. Especially stones, like marble, or tiles with drawings (sometimes, the broken ones are more beautiful than the complete ones). Gather several pieces of decorated tile to make a small mosaic, as we will see later.

In case you like craftsmanship and you dare to work with cement, you can make your own tile path by creating a wooden mold and filling the holes with this material.

Ideas to decorate your garden with cheap materials

Use rocks and stones to create spaces with a wild touch next to the plants. Small stones can help to create paths, which always give an air of spaciousness and elegance to the garden. And the wood that you have collected can also be used to decorate roads or establish small borders among groups of plants and flowers (divided, for example, by colors) to create different spaces. Thus you will make it look that there is a greater diversity in the flora of your garden, and therefore, that there is more space.

Arranging Garden

Use spaces where there is nothing planted to make small mosaic drawings with colored stones that you have managed to get.

Another essential element when creating this idea of amplitude is a mirror. The bigger the better. Place it on one of the walls (the one farthest from the entrance) and place in front of it what you like the most. Flowers, a small fountain … For that image to reproduce in the depth of the mirror and create the effect of infinity that will make your garden look bigger.

Finally, if you have space and desire to work in the creation of garden furniture; see this pdf that offers Huertina de Toni to make furniture with pallets.

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