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Do you know how to make the suitcase? Tips to keep everything organized

If you are about to leave on a trip, you will have to think about what you want to take with you, what you will need to have … and what you will want to buy at your destination!

Making the suitcase is a puzzle of many variables. That is why, in our article: “Do you know how to make the suitcase? Tips to keep everything more organized”, you will find the best basic tricks to fill your suitcase without leaving anything and without filling it too much.

Plan your trip

Even if you like to go on an improvised plan, we recommend that you make a minimum activity plan for your trip. They do not have to be concrete, but stop to think a moment in if you are going to go to the beach or the field, or if some night you are going to make a more elegant exit … Although you never know, depending on the sites to those that you calculate go, you will be able to decide what type of clothes you will need to take you.

Choose matching clothes

No complicated prints (except for that fetish shirt) or cuts that you will not be able to put easily. There is nothing else that rages than having clothes that stays in the suitcase during the whole trip. So just wear clothes that fit well, are comfortable and easy to combine with jeans – or the type of pants and skirts you intend to wear.

Make a list of essentials

Travel suitcase

One method that sometimes works is to make a list. Divide it into two columns: one for essential objects and the other for everything else.

In the first column they will go: basics of bath, underwear, cables and chargers, pajamas, etc. Our advice is that (in case of long trips) you fill your travel suitcase with these essential items; and the one you’re going to invoice, with everything else, in case it gets lost and it takes a few days to recover it.

Order your travel suitcase from the heaviest to the least

Yes now. Put your clothes in the suitcase in an orderly way. It is best to start by putting shoes and heavy things in the bottom, so that they do not crush everything else. A tip to put your shoes on is to put them with the soles facing the walls of the suitcase, and inside separate plastic bags (or shower caps) to protect them and prevent the clothes from getting dirty.

In the top layer, put all clothes that can wrinkle more or less (jerseys, t-shirts, underwear, etc.) and place the clothes in the form of rolls, to gain space.

Finally, above all, put the shirts, jacket and pants that cannot wrinkle. Do it carefully and make sure the garments are well folded.

Organize creams and small objects

Besides taking creams and toothpaste in bottles “travel” size – due to the restrictions of airports – there are other aspects that we must take into account. For example, do not spill the contents inside the suitcase. There are several tricks to get it, but the most obvious is to place the bottles in a transparent “zip” bag, which are also very close if there is a control.

You can put the small objects in the pockets of your suitcase or on the sides, next to the shirts.

These are our tips for ordering a travel suitcase; do you know any other trick? Let us know.

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