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How to unclog pipes


Sometimes prolonged misuse of the drain can clog it. When we do not clean well the hair after showering, or we use the toilet as a trash can, or we try to strain the remains of food through the drain of the sink instead of throwing them in the trash … we are gradually blocking the pipes. And that’s when a jam happens.

To avoid the pipes to get stuck, there is the need to take care of them avoiding these small gestures that we do every day. But if you want to know how to unclog pipes, then we’ll tell you the most effective tricks.

Natural Remedies for Unclogging Pipes

Here are the best home remedies for unclogging pipes. So that, at first, you can remedy the problem with tools that you will surely have near you.

Boiling water and sea salt

As easy as picking up a good handful of rock or fine salt (the equivalent of a cup) and pouring it onto the drain you want to unclog. Let stand 5 minutes for the salt to fall, and then pour three cups of boiling water over the top, or even more. This will remove any excess grease inside the pipe. Ideal for light to medium-heavy clogs.

Baking soda and vinegar

Follow these steps to unclog pipes with baking soda and vinegar:

  1. Pour a cup of baking soda over the drain and wait 5 minutes.
  2. Pour two cups of boiling water over the baking soda to make a first cleaning.
  3. Then wait 5 more minutes and add another two cups of baking soda and two of vinegar behind.
  4. Cover the drain and wait for a while until you stop hearing the bubbles inside the pipes.
  5. Then pour one last cup of boiling water and check that there has been improvement.


You can repeat the process as many times as necessary until you unclog the pipe. Ideal for medium to severe clogs.

Recommendations for unclogging pipes

  • Empty all water from the bathtub or sink before proceeding to the unclogging
  • Use a wire in an “u” shape to try to “catch” what is blocking the pipe.

Other ways to unclog pipes

When pouring products is not enough (even if they are chemical), it is a matter of dismantling the pipe to see what the problem is. The only thing that you can treat yourself without a professional is the sink. It is the only element that has the siphon in sight and allows you to clean it. The tub or shower is inaccessible, and let’s not talk about the toilet. You can always try to use a manual plunger in both cases, but for a thorough inspection of the pipes it is best to contact a professional.

How to Clean the Siphon from the Sink

How to Unclog Pipes

Look at the part of the siphon (the tube that comes out of the drain hole and makes a “u” under the sink to the wall) that makes the curve. There is a cap that you must unscrew. Put a bucket under the sink just in case, and clean with a cloth and degreaser both the plug and the inside of the siphon. This small cleaning will serve to eliminate some element that may be clogging the pipe there.

Although, we insist, if using a plunger is not worth (which usually works in most cases) it is best to contact a professional. Sometimes a local clog has to do with the framework of general pipelines, and that is a little far from our scope.

Did this article serve you? Do you know of any other trick to unclog the pipes?

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