Cómo Hacer Ambientadores Naturales

Natural air fresheners: How to make them at home

Using an air freshener to perfume the home and car is an increasingly popular practice among people who live, above all, in cities.

Large crowds of people rush and (of course) air pollution through the exhaust pipes, increase bad odors of fabrics and common spaces. In the market we find many solutions to this problem. However, the ecological fever reaches more people each day, which is very positive: the care of the environment is a responsibility that affects us all.


Keep reading our article on natural air fresheners: how to make them at home to learn how to make natural air fresheners easily and quickly.

Natural scented candle air fresheners

How to Make Natural Air Fresheners

To create your own scented candle, you will need the following ingredients:

  • 3 or 4 candles
  • M (although the one of the candle can be use)
  • Essential oils
  • Aromatic herbs such as rosemary, thyme or lavender
  • Glass cups like yogurt

Put the candles in a double boiler to melt. When the wax is melted, separate the wicks and store them in a separate place. Turn off the heat and add the essential oils to the wax.

Then, take the cups and place the wick in them, trying to keep it straight. It is also the time to place some small rosemary, thyme or lavender leaf against the walls of the glass, so that they can be seen later (actually, if you like this idea, it is better to use larger candle holders).

Finally, pour the wax into the cups carefully and hold the wick with the other hand if necessary, to keep it as straight as possible. Let cool for about two hours and you’ll already have your homemade and natural candle ready!

We leave you a guide with the best essential oils, for its properties and smell.

Natural spray or liquid air fresheners

Another very simple option to make a natural air freshener is boiling water with citrus skins and aromatic herbs to obtain the scent. Boil your mixture for 30′ and let it cool. Use large glass jars to fill them with water and cover them after making a few holes in the lid. For a couple of days your house will smell wonderful. Here are 3 good combinations of fragrance so you do not miss anything, from the blog of Savers:

  • Pine, grated nutmeg and bay leaf (wild)
  • Orange, clove and cinnamon (spiced, sweet)
  • Lemon, rosemary and vanilla (refreshing)

If you do not want to use a jar, another option is to strain the water and put the mixture in a spray along with some essential oil, such as a tea tree, which disinfects and neutralizes bad odors. It will last longer than the jar and you can use it whenever you want.

Natural air fresheners with dried flowers and cotton sachets

Easier impossible, this natural air freshener. Go to any herbalist and ask for dried flowers. Peppermint and lavender are our favorite, because they are scents that you never get tire of.

You have two options to use them: hang the bouquet next to the entrance door or any room (you will notice the scent every time you pass by); or grind up the dried flowers, put them in a cotton bag and close them with a bow. This second option is perfect for perfuming cabinets and cars.

How to Make Natural Air Fresheners

Natural anti-tobacco and fridge air fresheners

Sometimes, instead of adding odor, what we want to do is remove it. This is the case of tobacco and the bad odors of the refrigerator.

Natural anti-tobacco air freshener

Eliminate the bad smell of tobacco by filling the ashtray with baking soda on one side. On the other hand, place in the rooms that smell worse, a bowl with water and coffee beans. You can toast them for 5 minutes before soaking them to increase their neutralizing effect.

Natural air freshener for refrigerators

Cut half a lemon and stick three or four cloves. You will see that the refrigerator acquires another scent… Another great option is to place in one of the shelves a plate with baking soda.

These are our tips. How to make natural air fresheners? Do you know more ways?

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