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We teach you to iron a flamenco dress

April has as protagonist flamenco dresses. As spectacular as their designs are their care, so watch these tricks to learn how to keep them well!

The gypsy dresses are very delicate, since they are composed by a lot of small details, like tassels and fringes that is recommended to save aside so it will not to deteriorate them from one year to the other.

Whether you want to do it before you put it on or if you want to book this trick for after using it, next we teach you to iron the flamenco dress to bring out all its brightness and be as new (even if it has several years) and without damaging the fabric. Watch out for the following tips!

How to iron the flamenco suit step by step

Before ironing your flamenco dress, it is advisable to wash it, unstitching the petticoats and washing them separately from the rest of the dress. In Lina’s blog they explain very well how to wash your flamenco dress at home. They are simple steps that you must carry out with patience and care, but without greater difficulty. When ironing, however, make sure you follow these steps:

  1. Ironing the flamenco dress upside down

Turn over your gypsy dress to give you a first ironing that stretches the fabric well and eliminates the general wrinkles that the friction with your body and the dancing can have provoked in the suit – We hope there are many!

Place the dress back horizontally, on the ironing board, and slide the iron to medium temperature and throughout the fabric.

How to iron a flamenco dress

  1. Iron the dress ruffle by ruffle  

So is. Carefully, turn the dress again and place the end of the skirt on the end of the ironing board, as if you wanted to dress the table with it. Place a stool or a high table next to you, and supports the rest of the dress on this support, so that the rest of the dress does not fall to the floor. You can put a basket on the stool or table, so that the dress wrinkles as little as possible.

If the fabric is not very thin, use the iron with a higher temperature and a lot of steam. So you can iron each of the ruffles separately and leave them well stiff without damaging them. You can put between the iron and the dress a piece of cloth or paper, so that the procedure is even more delicate.

In case the fabric of your flamenco dress is very thin, you can iron the ruffles to medium temperature, as before.

Iron the ruffles one by one and around the entire dress to make sure that the entire suit is perfect, right up to the body.

  1. Iron the body of flamenco dress without accessories

In case you have not already done it, unstitch and remove the accessories that adorn your flamenco dress. Then store them in a box to wash them by hand (if you can) or simply wipe them with a damp cloth. Something that is also recommended with earrings, flowers and other accessories.

Iron the body from top to bottom with medium or high temperature (using a paper), depending on the thickness of the fabric of your flamenco dress.

How to iron a flamenco shawl

Not only the flamenco dress needs to be iron, also the shawl. The difficulty of the shawls are the fringes that decorate them. They get entangled even if you have been careful with it and against that our weapon is going to be the steam.

Iron the fabric of your shawl – backward if it has a lot of embroidery – and do it parallel to the fringes.

When finish, iron the fringes at high temperature and with a lot of steam, starting from the frond root outwards. And so, you go over it as many times as it takes to get them untangled and smooth.

These are our tricks to iron the flamenco dress. Surely you also have some, Tell us and enjoy the fair!


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