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How to remove wine stains the easy way

There are many ways to remove wine stains. You can do it with specific products that you can find in any drugstore, or with natural products.

In this article we are going to show you different ways to face a wine stain without going into a state of panic. Take note of the following tips that we give you how to remove wine stains.

If you are in an emergency because you have stained your shirt with wine, we have the immediate solution. Use one of these products (which will probably also be present in your dinner) to remove or at least neutralize the wine stain until you can put the garment in the washing machine.

Remove the wine stain with salt

The first thing you can do to stop the wine stain is to pour a handful of salt over it. It looks like a story, but the truth is that what salt does is absorb the liquid to prevent the wine from expanding through the fabric. Wait about 5-10 minutes until the stain dries. Then remove the salt with water.

remove wine stains

It is best that at this time you put the garment in the washing machine as you normally would. Add a trickle of Active Oxygen or vinegar to the wash to increase its effect.

Remove the wine stain with vinegar and bicarbonate

There is a type of vinegar on the market that is ideal for cleaning: alcohol vinegar or white vinegar. Use it to remove the wine stains from your clothes. Vinegar has a neutralizing effect on the red and violet pigments. This makes it a great ally against the stains of red wine. In fact, for the same reason, some people say that white wine, on red, also serves to blur the spots.

If instead of directly pouring a stream of vinegar on the stain, put it in a glass and add a spoonful of baking soda, you will double the effects of your natural stain remover. Cover the stain with the mixture and leave it for a while for both ingredients to take effect. Then rinse the stain with a microfiber cloth and as soon as you can put the garment in the washing machine.

Remove the wine stain with hydrogen peroxide

Just as active oxygen works, hydrogen peroxide can also help you dissolve the wine stain on your shirt. Of course, you have to control the dose depending on the color of the garment: if it is white, there is no problem, but if it is a color that fades easily with this trick you can spoil it. In that case, use any of the ingredients that we have explained in this article and when you go to turn on the washing machine, add vinegar in the place of the active oxygen.

Take a glass and fill 3/4 parts with water and the rest with hydrogen peroxide. Add a few drops of dishwashing detergent. You have created a very effective stain remover against any type of powerful stain, especially blood and wine.

To finish, when you treat the stains and put the garment in the washing machine, remember that the higher the temperature the better. So, keep in mind that light and white garments allow very high temperatures. On the other hand, the fabrics of great color and synthetics do not tolerate more than 30ºC without fading.

It works the same. Put the washing machine as you normally do and add a little vinegar or active oxygen to the soap to have that magic component (sodium percarbonate) that dilutes stains and works miracles on any fabric.

Have these advices served you? Comment below and let us know. See you soon!


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