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How to Decorate Your Home with Plants (DIY)

Plants are the best ally in the decoration of your home. They not only encourage the environment with its vibrant colors (if you like flowers) but, besides being tremendously aesthetic, they have beneficial properties for health and mood.

For example, it has long been known that plants filter the air and give back the oxygen we breathe.

But, did you know that the shape and color of plants affect us psychologically? The smell of lavender, roses and geraniums makes you generate endorphins that calm anxiety, and different studies show how by smelling certain plants we can mentally transport ourselves to the field, or some time in our childhood associate with them.

If you are interested in decorating with plants your house continues reading this article and notes our tricks and tips to get a ten home!

If you are interested in decorating your house with plants continue reading this article and take note of our tricks and tips to get a ten home!

Tips for Choosing Plants to Decorate Your Home

To choose the plants that you will use in the decoration of your home, you have to take into account three factors: light, watering, and temperature.

decorar con plantas

Natural light is very important for plants, which feed on it as well as water. Take into account if your plant needs direct sunlight, clarity (put it in a space where the sun shines but does not give it directly), or if you prefer dark areas (such as aspidistra, ideal for corridors).

Of course if a plant is outside, do not try to put it inside, and vice versa. Air plays an important role in plant care, and an air stream can be deadly for some of them.

Just like having them near a radiator can dry them up and end their life. Play with the conditions of your house to choose the plants that best suit it: kitchen and bathroom are perfect to have plants that need moisture, such as ferns or money plant.

Finally, be honest with yourself and calculate how much time you devote to your plants poderles to choose varieties that require more or less care.

In the market you will find many plants that survive with little water and practically do not need to be on them more than a little a week.

If they have the right light and you watch them so they do not get mold (because of the humidity) they will last you very much. We leave you a complete selection of MicasaRevista.

Choose the plants according to what you want to transmit in each space

Plants, besides being a source of life and transmitting it to your home, are objects of decoration that play an important role in the impression that gives a space.

Just as a nice picture has a positive effect on whoever looks at it, when you enter a room and you find a giant pot with a healthy Adam’s rib, you feel comforted, as if you were in an oasis outside civilization.

Large plants in large rooms have an ideal wild effect to transform them into comfort spaces. Along the same line, hanging plants, such as ferns (that live everywhere and adapt to everything) give a lot of breadth when it comes to creating the feeling of a natural environment.

Decorate Your Home with Plants

If you like flowers more, you need to consider their colors and those of your wall and furniture when it comes to decorating your home with plants. One tip is to take special care when choosing the vase.

A special container can turn any flower into a decoration element of the most sophisticated.

There are types of flowers for all tastes, and they are all pretty, so it’s hard to go wrong. Take advantage of this luck and enjoy the game, exploring different types of plants until you find the ones that best suit your house.

Some combinations that do not fail are wildflowers and rustic furniture, or orchids in minimalist spaces.

Green plants will look good in spaces with a more bohemian space and colorful vases with geraniums will create an explosion of life on terraces and windows of any home.

Of course, if you like the scents, do not hesitate to buy at least a couple of aromatic plants, such as basil and rosemary, that will serve you both to dress dishes to make you feel that you are in the field every time you enter your home .

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