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Types of bulb to create the perfect atmosphere

With a couple of notions about the types of bulb and light can determine the signal that a house transmits, and even change it according to our mood … Lighting is an aspect that we do not usually have present, even if we are surrounded by light and we use it daily.

At work or at home, the gesture of turning a switch is so integrated into our body, that is the first thing we do when entering a room, without even noticing it.

However, there are very few who know how to take advantage of the potential of light when it comes to decorating a space. And it is a pity!

Next we will clarify which are the types of bulb to create the perfect atmosphere.

Types of LED bulb or low consumption

They are the most popular because they brighten a lot and consume little. To give you an idea, a 12W LED bulb is equivalent to a traditional 60W bulb.

To choose the bulb that best suits your home, you must, first of all, determine the lighting spaces of your home. It is not the same to illuminate an area where you want to relax, to a work area, such as, for example, the kitchen. Divide the zones of your house by determining the function that you want to assign to each one: zone to rest or zone to have an activity.

Spotlight wide angle Bulb types

Depending on whether you want to illuminate a particular space, or a wider area, you should choose a light with a smaller angle, to have a spotlight effect (40º), or a wide angle (120º) to cover larger spaces.

For example, to illuminate the kitchen, the ideal is to choose a fluorescent that illuminates a lot and covers a large space. So, every time you turn on the switch, the light bulb will illuminate the entire room and allow you to cook quietly at any time of the day.

Instead, if you want to light a living room area – such as a corner of the sofa for reading – choose a 40º angle light bulb, to focus only on the area where you need to apply the light, without affecting the general lighting of the room. For this purpose, you can choose a type of wide angle light bulb to reach everywhere.

Types of bulb

Types of bulb with warm light or cold light

The types of light bulb with cold light are the ones that pull towards the bluish color. Its illumination is similar to the time of day when the Sun is at its zenith. It is a light without shadows or shades, clear and resplendent that will allow you to see perfectly what is in the room (or specific area) that you want to illuminate.

For this reason, it is an ideal type of light to create work environments. It will also serve to illuminate the spaces where you want to carry out an activity that requires concentration. The types of light bulb with cold light are ideal for: kitchens, washrooms, studios or reading areas

Benefits of warm light

The warm light is what will make your home the ideal space to relax and feel like you are in your nest. When playing with more reddish tones, the light bulb types are ideal for creating a pleasant atmosphere. Especially recommended for: living rooms, bedrooms, libraries and reception rooms.

However, the best thing you can do to get an ideal lighting for each moment is to look for a type of adjustable temperature bulb. This way, you can choose the temperature that best suits your mood, or the activity you want to do at that time – since the same space can serve to relax and work later.

One recommendation we make is that you adapt the color of light to the time of day, so that you respect the biorhythms of your body and your activity goes with the movement of the Sun. Different studies show that the quality of life and health are really affected by not following the rhythms of activity that the solar cycles mark.

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