Ideas para decorar con fotos

Ideas to decorate with photos and make your home unique

If you are thinking in giving a change of air to your house, and you are looking for ideas to decorate with photos, you are in the right place. Keep reading this article to make your home have a much more personal touch.

How to choose your decorative pictures for the wall

Keep in mind that you are going to see them every day, so choose photos that you do not get tire to look at.

They do not have to be all of your own. In the magazines there are many beautiful pictures to decorate your room. Postcards and sheets that are sold at stationery stores are also a good choice.

Combine photos of your loved ones with inspiring landscapes, extraordinary animals and plants, or copies of artworks. Take into account their colors, to create combinations and contrasts with those of the wall. To see matching color combinations at home, check out this Hogarmanía article

Choose photos of different sizes, to put them in uneven frames and create original compositions.

Ideas to decorate with photos

Now that you have the pictures to decorate your home, it is time to place the photos in an original way to make your home a unique place.

Make a wall clock with photos

Buy some clock hands with a mechanism that makes them work (you can find them in any large store Bazaar type) and hang them on the wall with 12 photos around, forming a circle.

We suggest you choose frames in different ways, to break the symmetry. It will give your watch a casual and modern look.

decorate with photos

Decorate with photos in DIY cardboard frames

Use the kitchen paper rolls to create original and eye-catching 3D frames. To do this, cut and paste the rolls of cardboard, making circles adapted to the size of the picture. Of course, your photos will have to be round, so select them well because you’ll have to cut them. This web  explains you in detail how to do it.

Another version with a similar effect is placing your photographs on IKEA’s circular cork racks. The round shapes on the wall give a very original touch to the room, Try it!

Create photo frames on slate paper

The painting that mimics the slate is very fashionable. Use it to cover a wall (for example, a part of the kitchen) and draw frames and phrases with chalk to place your most endearing pictures. You will see that it creates a very warm effect.

Decorate with photos on strips of LEDs

One of the best ideas for decorating with photos is hanging them from an illuminated strip that you can find in any decor store. The strips of bulbs or leds are a very funny option to decorate your home adding a touch of light. If you place your photographs above, you will be able to make your home a unique place: a space that breathes you.

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