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How to clean your computer without damaging it

The computer is a device that we use every day. In spite of this, we do not usually realize the amount of bacteria that accumulates. As it is a delicate gadget and much needed in our day to day (or at least for a large part of the population, especially the youngest), we are often afraid of clean it, just in case it breaks.

However, computers, like any other electronic device, can be cleaned. In fact, it is something that must be done if we want to guarantee it a long useful life. Next, we explain how to clean the computer without damaging it so that you can take care of it yourself and ensure the correct hygiene of one of your most important work tools.

How to clean your computer screen

The first thing you need to know before you start cleaning your PC screen is what kind of monitor we are talking about. Before, all the screens were CRT, and in those cases, a cloth moistened with a little water was enough to clean the computer. Nowadays, most devices are LED, LCD or plasma, and we must be more careful when cleaning. Here are the steps you must follow to clean a screen of this material:

  1. Turn off your computer, laptop or TV
  2. Take a clean, dry microfiber cloth
  3. Gently wipe the cloth around the edges of the screen, following the shape of the frame
  4. Pass a part of the cloth that you have not used from inside the screen, making straight lines horizontally, and from top to bottom
  5. Moisten the cloth with a few drops of white vinegar (2 or 3) and repeat the operation: first review the frame, then make horizontal lines on the inside

Other options to make a homemade cleanser are: a glass of warm water with 2 drops of dishwasher, or a mixture of alcohol with distilled water.

how to clean the computer

How to Clean Your Computer Keyboard

The keyboard is undoubtedly the most messy part of the computer. To clean it, you must be careful. For, for example, applying liquid (like window cleaners) can be counterproductive. Chemical products and water can damage the internal circuits of your computer by accessing them from the slots of the keyboard.

The best thing you can do to clean the keyboard of your computer is to use cotton swabs to clean the keys and the spaces between them. To do this, wet the swabs in isopropyl alcohol – to heal the wounds – and then proceed to clean the keys as we tell you.
Next, wipe the area around the keyboard and overlay the keys with a microfiber cloth, which also you need to add a couple of drops of white vinegar, or some alcohol. The important thing is that the cloth is wet, but not over wet.

How often do we have to clean the computer?

You have to clean the computer on a regular basis, every time we see it dirty or notice its surface unclean. The important thing is that, when detecting dirt, do not ignore it, to prevent it from being deeper and that the dust motes and small dirt remains inside the computer and spoil it inside.

A good recommendation to keep your computer clean is not to eat or drink in front of it. As much as possible, try not to smoke on the keyboard, as the ash is very fine, dirty and difficult to remove.

To keep your computer in perfect condition, avoid direct sunlight on the screen. Also try not to place it in humid places or with high temperatures, as that could also damage its operation.

Instead, if you are going on vacation or are planning to leave your computer off for a while, cover it with a rag or sheet to protect it from dust and airborne.

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