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10 Ways to Order Closets Easily

The closet can become a real puzzle for people who are not very tidy. Ordering spaces, and in particular ordering closets, is one of the first things you should do when you move into a new home. It is also a good excuse to make a change of stage.

As the author of the famous bestseller on order, Marie Kondo explains, one way to achieve mental tranquility is to cleanse the space we live in. That is, by ordering it again and discarding everything that does not make us happy.

Here are the top 10 ways to order closets. So that they serve as a guide to organize your closet and get to put a little more order in your life.


How to Start Ordering Cabinets

The first thing to do when starting to order your closet, is to completely mess it up and put all its contents on the bed. Although it sounds crazy, the most necessary thing to be able to order closets is to know what elements you have.

Choose only the clothes that make you happy. Keep the clothes you wear. For example, do the exercise of imagining the following summer with those shorts you’ve been wearing for more than five years … Don’t you get tired yet? Well, to the pile of clothes that stays!

Of course, the most important thing in this first step is not to have mercy and stay with just what you are going to wear. Sounds difficult, does not it? That’s why we recommend that you start ordering closets in a time that you have time to dedicate to it.

Tips for ordering closets

  1. Now that you have the clothes selected, join the 10 tips to order lockers that we teach you below:
  2. Roll the shirts instead of folding them to gain space.
  3. Roll the pants instead of hanging them on hangers. Or at least half of them, those of color; They will be easier to find.
  4. Use cardboard boxes to organize your underwear. Roll the socks in pairs, and the intimate clothes, rolled up, put it on the other side of the box. Fasteners and socks also, if they fit, leave them folded inside the box.
  5. Use ice cubes to place the jewelry in an original way, so you can always find it. Place the ice cubes, for example, in the drawer of your bedside table; Where you can easily access them and make sure they do not fall.
  6. Fold the sheets and place the complete set on the pillowcase. This way you will find the whole game at a glance and you can take advantage of more room in the closet.
    Use hangers to wrap handkerchiefs and scarves. Having them hanging in the closet, when it is cold, will allow you to find them with a single glance and you will use it very much.
  7. Whenever possible, place your clothes rolled upright and vertical, a good way to save space in the closets. You will see that where before you put 10 pieces of clothing you will now put the triple.
  8. Put the shoes inside cardboard cylinders, made with cutouts of two rolls of kitchen paper. This simple craft once painted and hung on the wall, will earn you lots of space and give a modern look to your room.
  9. Take advantage of the change of season to keep the clothes of the other station in boxes (and discard the one that you are not going to wear).
  10. Sort clothes in your closet by zones. Divide work clothes, sport clothes, elegant (better in hangers) and casual, and determines a space for each one of them. With this principle, ordering closets will become an easily task, which at a glance will let you know what clothes you have.

What do you think of these tips? Do you want to share more? Make it below in a comment or write us here.

Until next week!