How to Clean Bathroom Tiles

How to Clean Bathroom Tiles

The cleaning the bathroom tiles is not always easy, so if you need to do the same with your own, take good notes of these recommendations about how to clean bathroom tiles, that allow you to have your bathroom clean, with a fresh smell and without the accumulated dirt. 

6 Steps to know how to clean bathroom tiles

Use the vacuum cleaner

The best way to finish with excess dirt and dust is to use the vacuum cleaner, although an alternative option would be the broom and dustpan. Then put a bucket with warm water and soap and start to scrub. To get to places where the mop can not access opts for microfiber cloths that will allow you to clean the most hideous corners. With such a simple gesture you will avoid the formation of mold and small cracks.

Water and ammoniac

Although it may not seem like it, grease accumulation is not unique to the kitchen. So to eliminate the possible grease that you have accumulated in the bathroom, choose to mix half a liter of water with two large spoons of ammonia and with a sponge apply the product on the tiles. Then you will just have to dry with a clean rag. No need to clarify, as it is not a solution that will damage the tiles.

Goodbye to lime

To finish with the possible remains of lime, you will have to mix half a liter of cold water with a glass or two of vinegar. For what apply with the product and leave to act during 5 minutes, dry and dry with a clean rag. As simple as that.

Do not forget to disinfect

How to clean bathroom tiles is important, but to disinfect the tiles, too. In order to do that, you need to prepare  a solution in the busquet with 1/4 liter of bleach and 1/2 of cold water. With it, you will manage to eliminate the fungi and bacteria that are hidden in the joints of the tiles. It is best to apply the solution with the help of a sponge and then leave the area with clean rags.

Brush with alcohol to burn

If you are looking to regain their brilliance, what you need is a solution with alcohol to burn. For this you will also need a cotton cloth that does not leave lint. Add a stream of concentrated detergent to the alcohol and add half a liter of water, with the solution already made,  wipe the tiles with a rag or newspaper. If you do this when you have just bathed and there is steam in the tiles you will get results much faster and with less effort, they still have steam impregnated and softens the dirt.

Impeccable joints

To have impeccable joints you will only have to take a bottle of bleach and an old toothbrush, preferably with bristles of medium or hard hardness. At the same lid of the bleach bottle, put some of it and wet the brush to proceed to clean the joints.

How to Clean Bathroom Tiles

Hope these tips about how to clean bathroom tiles, will help you. ¿Do you know others tricks? tell us about that!

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