How to Clean Suede Shoes

How to Clean Suede Shoes: Maintenance, Care and Cleaning

In fall and winter, suede boots are a basic in all closets. The suede is a good quality skin created with moose and other animal’s skin. This material is extremely delicate and gets dirty quite easily since it is a natural and very special fabric, elegant and resistant finish.

There is an urban legend that says that objects made of this material gets dirty with a look and  if we do not take care of them correctly, they wear out over time.

The suede cover is characterized by its polished surface and soft touch. They are also a great option to keep our feet warm during the winter.

In today’s article we explain a series of tricks so that your suede shoes stay well for the maximum possible time, so you can use them longer.

Tips to keep our suede shoes perfect

Preventing before curing

Spray them with a waterproof solution to repel liquids that come in contact with the surface. These products in spray presentation are for sale in any shoe store or shoe repair shop, as well as in large stores.

Waterproofing them with a water repellent treatment will help prevent your shoes from getting damaged in the rain and increase the life of the product.

Rain, main enemy of the suede

The worst enemy of suede shoes is rain. If you are going to wear these shoes, be sure before that the weather forecast is favorable, but, if in spite of this there is an unexpected drizzle (and did not spray your shoes with waterproof products), try to get home as soon as possible to solve it.

When you get home, stuff your shoes with crumpled newspaper or a piece of wood to absorb the moisture. Leave them on for two days and avoid contact with any heat source (sun, radiators, heating …).


Where you keep your shoes is as important as their use. It is recommended to store your shoes in dark and well ventilated places that do not have much humidity to prevent them from acquiring mold in the long term


In addition, this type of material, its brushing is important. Brush your shoes frequently, ideally whenever you store them, although sometimes it is impossible, try to make it as a routine.

How to brush our suede shoes? Well, it is necessary that we always brush the shoe in the same direction so that the finish has a neat and brushed effect


Depending on the type of stain, we will act in one way or another. In general for more common stains and common dirt it is recommended to pass the shoes by a jet of steam (avoid wetting the shoe) and then brush as explained above.

If after doing this there are some stains, we can use a child eraser to eliminate those stains that are more resistant.

Another type of stains like grease stains, the best thing to do is to use coarse or talc powder when the grease has not yet been absorbed completely by the skin.

With ink stains, cellophane is a very simple and effective option. Place it on the stain and stretch it: the stain will disappear.

In the following video, it is explained in a simple and visual way how to clean suede shoes in a simple and fast way.

From Aecetia we hope that the article has been useful and be able to keep your suede shoes impeccable for a long time. Until next time.

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