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5 Cleaning Tips That Will Make Your Life Easier

Albert Einstein said that if you always do the same, you will not get different results. And this, even if it seems obvious, is totally true and applicable to the cleanliness of our home.

The cleaning products are wonderful, but in many cases when they finish and we don’t have them in a specific situation or they do not serve for a certain situation, so what do we do at that moment? We tell you a secret: the grandmothers are always right.

The homemade tricks that our grandmothers used are simple and natural remedies that can help us to escape from some occasions, especially if it is cleaning the home.

Lemon, baking soda or vinegar are products we all have in our kitchens but, do we really know their full potential?

Today we explain to you some simple cleaning tricks that will make your life easier and you will discover how, with a little creativity, insight and wisdom of the grandmother, you will get unique results. Are you ready?

The 5 cleaning tricks that all grandmothers know

1. Whiten your sneakers with salt and milk

Chemicals tend to damage tissues quite a bit, which is why sometimes opting for natural remedies can be beneficial for some of our garments. White sneakers are one of those garments that tend to turn yellow over time.

To prevent this happening we can resort to salt. Salt is a good ally to break down the white cloths. Its properties remove the dirt attached to the garment and enhance the white tones when they start to become cloudy.

A good solution to enhance its effects is to mix it with milk. The combination of these elements allows to remove the dirt while eliminating the bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms.

How do we do it? We must mix both ingredients in a bowl, leave the shoes to soak for 3 hours and rinse with soap and water.

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2. Eliminate the odor of pipes

One of the most common problems found in a multitude of homes is the unpleasant smell that comes from the pipes.

A simple trick to solve this problem is the combination of baking soda with white vinegar. These products help to eliminate fungi, accumulated fat and other substances that give off bad smell from the pipe.

How does it work? In the first place you must put in a  boil half liter of water mixed with white vinegar. While this mixture boils, pour the baking soda into the inside of the pipe you want to clean. Then incorporate the boiling mixture into the pipe and you will see how an effervescence reaction occurs. Your pipes will look like new!

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3. Clean your kitchen grater with bread

Clean a grater kitchen as if it were another cooking utensil is a terrible mistake because you probably end up with the scourer completely spoiled and worst, without completely remove dirt.

Today we explain you a simple trick about how to clean the grater completely with bread. Yes, as you hear.

This is a very simple and effective trick. It consists of taking a piece of hard bread and grating it on the same surface. The bread will remove the dried remains of the utensil. After this process the grater is rinsed and the remains will disappear easily. Simple truth?

4. The incredible power of a lemon.

Lemons are one of the most complete fruits and have always stood out for their antibacterial power, that is why they have been used for cleaning the home as a home remedy for centuries.

These are some of the innumerable uses with which you can take advantage of this amazing citrus.

  • Clean the microwave: Fill a glass of water and squeeze a couple of lemons. Heat it until it boils and then rinse with a damp towel.
  • Remove lime or mineral stains from the pots. Bring lemon slices to the boil and then let stand for two hours. When finished, scrub the area as usual.
  • Clean fish smells from the hands. When you finish cooking fish, wash your hands rubbing with lemon, the smell will go away in a heartbeat.

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5. Eggshells to clean funds tall glasses

Surely it has happened on several occasions that it has been impossible for you to clean the dirt deposited in the bottom of tall bottles and glasses.

he solution is closer to what you imagine: the eggshells you throw away. You only need to break them into pieces and put them in the bottom of the glass that you want to clean. Then add hot water and some dishwashing detergent. Cover, mix thoroughly and then rinse.

You can see how the egg shells have reached those places that seemed unreachable!

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We hope you have found the following cleaning tips useful and that, the next time you do not have cleaning products, remember some of these homemade methods. See you soon!

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