cleaning techniques

8 Japanese cleaning techniques to be your home always perfect

Because of the stressful routine, home cleaning often goes into the background and it’s ends up being a mess we are trying unsuccessfully to solve when we arrive from work.

That’s when we come over the world: helping our children with homework, make dinner, plan the next day’s work and sort our home, all this we intend to do it in a few hours.

It is advisable to have help in household cleaning or children care, but sometimes for lack of time this makes it impossible.
Resting as we deserve and recharging batteries need the house to be tidy, we need energy to flow into our home to help us feel in harmony with ourselves.

Order and housecleaning speaking, Japanese are real experts. Japanese Marie Kondo is revolutionizing all households in the world with her books and tips on ordering and housecleaning.

According to her theory it’s impossible having a life in peace focused on happiness if home and feelings are in a mess. Japanese belief says you can do whatever if you set  your mind, order your home and transform your lifestyle.

Then from Aecetia we’ve compiled some of these Japanese tips to make your home look always radiant. Are you ready?

cleaning techniques

10 tips for keeping home impeccable


Hardly anyone is aware of the many things he possesses. Most of us always have home full of objects and things that we do not use. It is time to discard, categorize and choose those that really matter and need.


According to these Japanese theories, the question is not thinking what we have to throw, but keeping only what gets you thrill. Why keep something that makes us feel sad? The excitement objects is the most important factor to assess when choosing which ones stays.

Japanese Marie Kondo says, that “when I throw things, I thank before, because it’s not just discard them, but to recognize the labor they have played in each one.” For Japanese, each  object at home has a soul.


Proposal technique consist on categorize instead of ordering by spaces, as we used to.

That is, we must begin by ordering all books at home, clothing, papers, kitchen objects or things we keep willy-nilly (collections for example), instead of start ordering kitchen, bathroom or living room.

This causes storing all home books at once, we can differentiate in a more effective way with those that make us happier and we convey more positive emotions of those who do not.


Get real when you start. Do not leave home in a middle. Dedicate a whole day. You’ll invest a day of your time to achieve happiness at home.

It often happens that we try to sort a little every day: Friday afternoon the livingroom, Sunday morning bathroom and kitchen, Tuesday night bedrooms… this will make our cleaning ineffective and that it probably turns infinite .


Yes, as you heard. According to this theory, shoe boxes are the key. They’re useful objects we all have at home where store the rest.


Starting with harder we get unmotivated and tired, so once we finish that task we easily quit. The order is: clothes, books, papers, miscellany, and, finally, memories.


We’ve to divide upper clothes (pullover, jackets, sweaters…) inferiors (pants, skirts…) hanged clothes (dresses, coats…), stocks, bags, accessories and seasonal clothes (swimming clothes for example)


Unless the clothes are hanging up. Clothes take up less space so, they are on sight so we can see everything we have no need to stir all our closet.

And you wondered, How to fold vertically? This video will explain it.

cleaning techniques

Hope this 7 japanese techniques had been useful. Japanese ordering fashion is not just a trend: it’s staying.

Currently house caring is many people key to improve their quality of life. So we find a wealth of information and youtube channels exclusively devoted to this.

Now and then each time you clean up home try to find each object soul, his emotions and feelings, what contribute and affect to you. Emotions are soul’s cure, and home is not an exception.

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