hiring illegal housekeeping service

Problems brought by hiring illegal housekeeping services

Hiring illegal housekeeping service is more common than we think. One of the main reasons why you bet on this type of service is its price. But cheap things can turn out to be expensive in the end. In this article, we will explain you why.

Domestic service is one of the sectors in which most underground economy exists. Is difficult to control the illegal housekeeping because is not easy take the permission for access to the houses.  

In addition, the economic crisis has contributed to this kind of illegal hiring because there are fewer households can afford the cost of an employee’s home and, as a result of unemployment, more and more job seekers. This very common practice today can lead to a some problems that can affect (both) financially and personally.

A lot of times we are not really aware of the slight difference in rates between the hiring of illegal domestic service and a legal one.

illegal housekeeping services

4 Problems brought by hiring illegal housekeeping services

  • Usually it is people we know

When we hire illegal household assistant usually we tend to look for someone that we know and that works doing this job (a relative, a friend who is going through a difficult situation or someone you know).

Hiring relatives or friends as housekeeping can be an advantage because we trust them and know who they are. But that advantage often becomes a real problem.

What happens when conflicts with our housekeeping is generated? It is well known that firing someone that we know  can bring discordance and inevitable consequences for our relations with the common social circle. 

In these situations we tend to be more leery of firing someone, and we let happen things we should not because it might cause issues. At the end of the day,  the employee is in our group of friends or family.

Conformity to continuous inappropriate situations is one of the main causes of accepting customization and closeness in this type of work.

  • Cheap things turn out to be expensive at the end

On many occasions the assistant can have an oversight at work and dropping an object of great economic value.

When we have illegal domestic service, it is very common that the employee can not pay it so that can sometimes rise to high levels.

By hiring the services through a company specializing in domestic service and housecleaning  provides secure access to its customers and is responsible for the damage caused by company employees.

As you can see, cheap things turn out expensive at the end. We tend to think that domestic companies have much higher  tariffs than domestic illegal´s, but when we investigate a little, the price varies minimally and also has insurance that guarantees repairs.

  • Domestic inspections

It is not very common but home inspections to check irregularities in hiring domestic service are increasingly frequent.

Risk on such issues is not always appropriated because the penalties in such actions are usually high.

  • There are no low hedges.

In the case of illegal domestic service, when our employees get sick we do not have someone to replace them immediately.

This is a problem for both the employer and the employee, and the employee has no insurance that covers the days of sickness leave and the employer does not have someone to replace him.

As you have been able to check the hiring of household assistant illegally entails numerous problems in most cases does not compensate if we consider the minimum difference between the rates a company specializing in legal domestic company.

In this way, you are helping and contributing to job creation and improving the quality of life of others, forgetting bureaucratic procedures, since these are responsible for providing high personnel and all documentation.

Among other facilities, the cancellation of services is free and the guarantee of professionalism and experience is beyond question.

Next time you go to hire illegal domestic services, think twice and analyzes if we really make up for.

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