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6 Tips to make easier back to school

The summer holidays are over. The back to school can turn into chaos or in a period full of novelties, motivations and returning to meet again our friends. It is in your hand to see the glass half full or half empty.

To begin September full of positivism, it is important to incorporate several routines that will help us to start this dreaded month with total energy.

There is nothing more important for our children that their education, which will depend much their future. So it is essential that they enjoy studying at school.

Here you have some tips that will help you to implement successfully this routines. . Are you ready?

Back to School: 6 Tips to make it easier.

  • Back to the schedules in advance

If we want our children, the same day they back to school, wake up at 8 in the morning, when the day before they woke up at 11, will be very complicated that their performance on the first day of school will be complete.

We need, at least, a week before, to go slowly decreasing the time when they wake up and go little by little to the routine. So the day of the start of classes, they are full of energy and it is not a challenge for them wake up early.

  • Positive attitude and motivation

Surely, our children will not want to start the routine. Begin studying Maths, Language, Science or English, after spending a season where they played much of the day, is unmotivating.

Commenting our children all the good things about the return to school and to motivate and inspire them to take the start of the new course with joy is very important.

Tell them they will meet all their friends and  make plans together. Watching series, movies or reading books about Mathematics, Science, Art or Language would also stimulate their curiosity.

  • Have everything ready before school starts

It is crucial not leave everything to the last minute. We must ensure that we have all the textbooks, notebooks, school supplies, backpacks and uniforms ready at least 2 days before the day of the beginning of the course.

The first day of school is probably a first contact with routine and activities are done in classes for all children to interact and become better known and do not begin with the study and homework. But it is also very common that first day more material and books, that did not come in the main list, is ordered to our children.

Therefore, to prevent this new order material and we cannot accumulate with the first, leaving the first list before the start of the course, it will avoid us that the books are finished by the large number of orders for the first week and so, children can have them from day one if it is necessary.

  • Coordination with extracurricular activities

The issue of extra-curricular activities has always been a little controversial. Is it appropriate to point our children to afternoon classes?

Extracurricular activities are very educational and enriching for the development of our children. But we must not make the mistake of pointing to our children to excessive classes that will not leave time for play and rest or requiring classes that do not motivate the child.

Sports activities such as ballet, football, basketball or swimming, among many others, help our children to create social circles outside the school environment and learn many social skills as well as to maintain their health. Remember that children must choose their favourite sport, as this will motivate them to practice it.

Support classes or language classes are also recommended to increase their knowledge on that field and make them more fluent for example English, because in the future they will thank you. As well as other art classes or other type of study that helps children achieve their educational goals.

It is not suitable to join our children into too many hours to this type of activity because it can cause stress.

  • Caring for having a healthy diet

A balanced diet of carbohydrates, proteins and minerals help our children to have the necessary nutrients that will make their daily performance.

As we know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, as it will bring the child all the energy needed to perform both intellectually and physically at school.

According to the Ministry of Health and Consumer of Spain, only 7.5% of Spanish children eat breakfast properly. Approximately 20% of children and young people only drink a glass of milk, while 56% only accompanies a milk product containing carbohydrates.

Another typical problem exposed by the Ministry of Health of Spain is the time our children spend for breakfast, and that half of Spanish children engaged breakfast less than 10 minutes.

  • Provide support

September is characterized as the start month and the month of supersaturation of tasks. Not only for children, but rather for their parents.

The conciliation of the labour and family life is often difficult, and sometimes we have not the time needed due to work to ensure that our children meet their homework, watch TV a certain number of hours or play with them.

Sometimes, hiring a nanny or babysitter can be a big help, since they are responsible for playing with our children, ensuring that they carry homework daily and they have regulated their leisure time, while their parents work.

return to school

These are some of the main tips that we recommend to take the back to school more bearable and September is not taken over.

In Aecetia we care about you and yours and we have workers with training and experience in child care that will ensure the happiness and fulfilment of the tasks of your children. We hope you have found this article useful. Until next time.

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